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25 uses of Turmeric

Tumeric is a flowering plant that gives the yellow color to the curry. It is from the family Curcuma of ginger which performs a great deal in the body. It is normally used in food in most places around the world most especially Asia.

Turmeric has a whole lot of benefits that include; health, body, and other casual purposes in human life. It is highly beneficial and must not be underrated in its functions. Below, we will take a look at the uses of turmeric, and how it is so important in human life.


1. To bake cake

This substance called turmeric is in a powdery form and is applied to cakes to give it a little unique aroma. Although turmeric is neither sweet nor bitter, it makes a cake last long wherever it is stored.

2. It help maintains inflammation

Inflammation occurs in most people as a result of different reasons which later causes cancer and other chronic diseases. In this case, turmeric is applied to any herbal food or diet to reduce chronic inflammation.

3. Reduces cholesterol level

Most persons, do take drugs and medicines that reduce the high cholesterol level in them. But recent studies have shown that turmeric acts with speed in reducing the cholesterol level in humans.

4. Face and skin creams

Of course, this is a common use of turmeric and it has proven to have a great effect on the skin and face. So, most cream industries have started applying it as an ingredient to nourish and protect the skin.

5. Applied in soaps

Since it has proved to be of awesome benefit in body and face creams, it has been added to most soap. This is good as it will make your skin glow perfectly when used with the cream.

6. Used for dough

Homemade dough is nothing better than when turmeric is added as an ingredient to supplement the taste and color.

7. To make dyed eggs

Few countries do find pleasure in making dyed eggs which require various supplements to make it perfect. Applying turmeric will not only change the color but give it a nice smell.

8. Making special dishes

Its common knowledge, that turmeric makes your dish special and of great taste and color. It is used for almost all dishes in Asia and other countries that have noticed its unique benefit.

9. Making curry powder

Making your special curry powder is with turmeric is a nice thing that you would tend to enjoy. The color and quantity of the curry depend on you and how you apply your turmeric.

10. Protects your hair

This is another major use of turmeric in human life. When a medium quantity of turmeric is mixed with oil and shampoo, it protects the scalp from dandruff and other hair diseases.

11. Used in tattoos

Tumeric is so unique in its abilities or function which makes it be applied as a tattoo paint. Although, it cannot be used for permanent tattoos but temporary because it won’t last long in the skin.

12. Helps in weight loss

The application of turmeric in your daily meals can help to reduce weight or help in weight loss. For those that desire to lose weight, there is no better supplement than turmeric.

13. Helps to stop diabetes

A quantity of turmeric in your daily meals helps to reduce diabetes in humans. As I said earlier in turmeric helps to maintain the cholesterol level in your body, through that process, it would help to reduce the blood sugar content.

14. Helps in removing water from the eye

In this case, I am applied with ginger to remove water from swimmers’ ears or those that have just been rescued from drowning. This is so effective and has proven to be of good results

15. Helps to treat stomachache

Recent studies have shown that turmeric helps to treat an upset stomach within hours and performs faster than most stomach drugs or medicines. It can be mixed with water or an herbal drink for easy digestion

16. Prevents early growth of cancer

This is another major use of turmeric in human health. With the steady taking of turmeric, early growth of cancer in the human body would be prevented as it would cut it off before it begins to spread all over the body.

17. Prevents skin cancer

As we know, turmeric is very beneficial to the skin which makes it a necessity for the skin. Studies have also shown that it prevents skin cancer which is very common in most places. Continuous use of turmeric in your skin will make it healthy and a no-goes area for cancer.

18. Used in teas

Some herbal teas have begun to use turmeric in their ingredients to protect the body from sickness. Also, turmeric tea has still been produced and is highly advisable to drink because it would aid easy digestion and performance.

19. Used to preserve meat

Tumeric has proven to be a good preserving agent for meat when steamed. It is a very good way of preserving your meat as you won’t be scared of the meat spoiling or being contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms.

20. Added to the most juice

Tumeric is added to most juice in very little quantity as it makes them last longer and be of good effect in the human body. It also aids in the coloration of the juice, being it fruit or just herbal.

21. It regulates mood

This may sound surprising to some, but it is true and has proven, to change your mood when you have bad mood swings. Doctors have begun to use it for patients who want to undergo a particular treatment sensitive talk.

22. Treats and stops joint pain

This is another good use of turmeric in the human body. Most people do suffer from joint pain as a result of extreme exercise or accident, taking turmeric at that point is a nice idea, as it would reduce the joint pain and make you strong again.

23. Boost the immune system

With all of the above-listed health use of turmeric, it will seem weird if this is not included. Tumeric helps to boost your immune system so it can fight against every form of the disease. When you’re feeling weak, take a gram of turmeric and you will feel better again.

24. Helps in a sound sleep

Taking a few grams of turmeric, it will help in having a nice splendid sleep. This is very nice and cool for those that may be finding it hard to sleep at the night. Tumeric aids better sleep with comfort and peace in you.

25. Prevents heart disease

Recent studies have shown the effect of turmeric in preventing heart disease in humans. Although, it will prove to be of a better effect when done with daily exercise to aid its movement to the heart.

With this, we can see that turmeric is highly beneficial and needs to be used daily to avoid issues and make you healthy.

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