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50 uses of a banana

1. Reducing wrinkles

Use a banana peel to rub on your face. It helps in reducing wrinkles and brightening your face.

2. Reduces puffiness

In case of puffiness on your face, close your eyes and place a banana peel.

3. Making a face mask

Mash a banana to create a mask for the face and neck. Rinse with cold water after about 20 minutes.

4. Polishing your silverware

When your silverware is stained, use a banana peel and rub it with the inside part of the banana skin.

5. Tenderizing meat

Banana leaves are used to wrap meat while cooking to make it tender. This is a common practice in most Asian countries.

6. Brightening house plants

If the leaves of your house plants are dusty, use the inside part of a banana peel to wipe each leaf. It removes all dirt and leaves your plants a shiny appearance.

7. Prevention of aphids

In case you have plants that are prone to aphid attacks, bury dry banana peels at least an inch deep at the base of the affected plant.

8. Used as a fertilizer

Banana peels are quite rich in potassium, a vital nutrient for your garden. Cut up banana peels and spread them as food for your plants.

9. Removal of warts

In case you see warts around you, a natural way to get rid of them is by covering the concerned area using ripe banana peels until they are gone.

10. Attracting birds

Place overripe bananas on a raised platform in your home. The bananas attract birds as well as butterflies.

11. First aid

Banana peels offer great relief when it comes to sunburns or minor bruises. This is because they contain anti-inflammatory properties.

12. Ripening an avocado

In case you love avocados, you can get impatient when they ripen slowly. You can use a banana to hasten the ripening process.

13. Eliminating dry skin

You can use a banana for a body scrub. It will help you look radiant.

14. Adding to a composite pile

Bananas are rich in phosphorus and potassium, making them ideal for a compost pile.

15. Acne scars

Use a banana peel to rub on acne scars. It helps them to fade faster.

16. Treatment of psoriasis

Apply banana peels on areas affected by psoriasis to help with the itching and moisture the skin.

17. Hair mask

You can use a banana peel in the making of a hair mask. It helps to make your hair shiny and softer.

18. Teeth whitening

The citric acid found in banana peels helps remove stains on your teeth.

19. Splinters

Banana peels contain enzymes that help remove splinters on your skin.

20. Making a banana “ice-cream.”

You can make banana ice-cream by blending peeled bananas and add peanut butter as toppings.

21. Making a dog treat

Bananas are rich in magnesium and fiber. You can mash up bananas and mix them with your dog’s food.

22. Heartburn

Due to the alkaline nature of bananas, they neutralize acid accumulated in the stomach.

23. Repairing a scratched CD

Gently rub the interior part of banana skin on scratched parts. The banana wax help fill in scratched parts.

24. Used for mulching

Blend dry banana peels and spread on seedlings. This helps to provide the necessary shield and other nutrients.

25. Relieving headache

Placing a frozen banana peel on the backside of your neck and your forehead helps relieve headache pains.

26. Wormfood

Banana peels, when added to the soil, become food for worms.

27. Making tea

You can make banana tea by boiling banana peels in water.

28. Making chutney

Banana peels are one of the ingredients in that making of chutney.

29. Making candy

To make candy mix water and sugar and then cook banana peels.

30. Fruit smoothie

You can blend bananas to make a fruit smoothie.

31. Polishing shoes

You can use the inside parts of a banana to polish your leather shoes.

32. Banana bread

You can use ripe bananas to make banana bread.

33. Frozen banana yogurt

Ripe bananas make frozen banana yogurt.

34. Sweet toppings

You can use bananas to make toppings for pancakes and ice-cream.

35. Making curry

Add bananas to make your curry sweeter and even better if you add sultanas.

36. Making soup

To make your soup sweeter, you can blend in bananas.

37. Dry snack

Bananas act as a good dry snack. You can use a food dehydrator or an oven.

38. Baby’s food

During the weaning stage of a baby, mashed bananas act as good solid food as they are easy to digest.

39. Breakfast topper

Due to their high protein content, copped bananas act as a good source of energy in the morning.

40. Remedy for ulcers

Bananas are rich in citric acid, which helps relieve and heal stomach ulcers.

41. Pudding

When bananas mixed with coconut, chia, and other fruit, they create nutritious pudding.

42. Banana sushi

Cut bananas into slices and then smear butter or chocolate. Top up with shredded coconut to make nutritious sushi.

43. Used in a post-workout snack

Bananas are rich in potassium which helps recovery and strengthening of your muscles.

44. Healing hemorrhoids

Blend a banana peel and witch hazel to create a paste. Soak a clean piece of cloth and place it on the area affected by hemorrhoids for some time.

45. Used in art

You can draw or design a banana peel. You can also carve the banana skin using a needle.

46. Sweetening your oatmeal

Add a few chopped bananas to your oatmeal to give it a sweet taste.

47. Get rid of fruit-flies

Put a banana peel in a clean container. Perforate holes on the lid and place the container in areas with fruit flies.

48. Making pancakes

Instead of using a lot of chemical-filled ingredients, blend bananas and eggs to make healthy pancakes.

49. Baking cakes and muffins

Use banana flour in the baking of your favorite cake or muffins. It creates a tasty and healthy cake filled with a lot of nutrients.

50. Good for exercises

Bananas are an excellent food for those who like exercising. They carbs, but get digested easily and also contain plenty of minerals.

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