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50 uses of honey for face

 1. Removes acne

Honey helps in eliminating bacteria that can cause acne on your face.

2. Healing process

In case of a minor injury on your face, applying honey speeds up the healing process.

3. Reduces eczema

The use of honey reduces cases of fungal infection on the face and helps in reducing itchy and dry skin.

4. Reduces inflammation

In case of face inflammation, apply honey. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Exfoliator

Honey helps in the removal of the dead skin on the face making your skin brighter.

6. Reduces psoriasis

A face mask made of money helps reduce irritation and reddening of the skin.

7. Antioxidants

Mixing honey with cinnamon makes an excellent antioxidant that helps remove facial radicals.

8. Helps in scar fading

In case of acne scars on your face, apply honey every day as it helps to eliminate the scars.

9. Skin hydration

The use of honey makes your face more hydrated, giving it a glowing look.

10. Good for anti-aging

Honey contains probiotics and enzymes that keep your skin nourished, slowing aging and appearance fine lines on the skin.

11. Removes wrinkles

The antioxidants found in honey help reduce wrinkles on the face.

12. Clears pores

The antibacterial and antioxidants in honey help clear and eliminate bacteria in your skin.

13. Softens lips

In the case of chapped lips, the antioxidant properties of honey help soften the lips and heal any wounds that may have formed.

14. Cuticle moisturizer

Honey is a humectant that draws moisture on the face and helps maintain it.

15. Reduces pimples

In case of pimples on your face, apply honey on the affected areas. Honey has antibacterial properties that help cure pimples.

16. Honey helps balance skin pH

Honey prevents infections and growth of pathogens on the face which would have otherwise altered the pH of your skin, leaving it exposed to bacteria.

17. Oil-free skin

When honey is mixed with lemon, it helps minimize the size of pores on the skin and also reduces excess oil.

18. Improves skin texture

When honey mixed with milk, it helps improve the texture of your skin. The lactic acid in milk makes the skin soft.

19. Reduces cell damage

Mixing honey and tomatoes produces an antioxidant that prevents damage to skin cells.

20. Face tanning

A mixture of honey and gram flour tans your skin and leaving a clear complexion.

21. Reduces skin irritation

In case of skin irritation, use a mixture of honey and yogurt. The L-cysteine in yogurt produces a soothing effect on the skin.

22. Face massage

When olive oil and honey are mixed, they remove impurities on the skin and relax the muscles.

23. Inhibits growth of bacteria

Honey has antibacterial properties, and when mixed with rosemary, the mixture prevents the growth of a specific type of bacteria known as Saureus bacteria.

24. Reduces skin build-up

A mixture of honey and sugar scrub not only eliminates dead cells but also prevents the build-up of dead skin cells on your face.

25. Prevents atopic dermatitis

A mixture of honey and virgin coconut oil helps soothe the skin in case of acne and also reduces infections of atopic dermatitis.

26. Increases collagen density

When honey is mixed with avocado, it produces a mixture rich in linolenic acids which help increase collagen density of the skin.

27. Skin-soothing

A mixture of honey and colloidal oatmeal produces saponins which produce a soothing effect on the skin.

28. Maintain a healthy skin

Palmitic fatty acids from shea butter when mixed with honey help keep the skin healthy for a long time.

29. Reduces sunburn effects

When honey is applied to the skin regularly, it helps reduce the occurrence of sunburns.

30. Helps fight cancer

Honey contains phenolic compounds which prevent skin cancer. The anti-inflammatory property of honey reduces the swelling of your skin.

31. Reduces allergies

In case of an allergic reaction to products used on your face, honey reduces the effects of the allergy.

32. Eliminates warts

Applying a thick layer of honey every day on your face help eliminate warts.

33. Awakening stressed skin

Apply a thin layer of honey on your face before going to bed. This helps rejuvenate and awaken stressed skin.

34. Antimicrobial properties

Honey contains microbial properties that help skin fight the growth of fungi or any other disease-causing infections.

35. Sensitive skin

In case you have sensitive skin, using honey produces a soothing effect and reduces the sensitivity of the skin.

36. Removing makeup

In case you have makeup remnants on your face, use a mixture of honey and vegetable oil to remove the makeup without injuring your face.

37. Dry eyes

In case you have dry eyes apply honey around the eyes. This will help moisturize your eyes as well as reduce infections. Dry eyes cause a lack of enough lubricating tears.

38. Reduces rosacea

Research shows that using honey on your face helps reduce the effects of rosacea.

39. Reduces mucositis

In case you have been exposed to chemical or radiation treatment, use honey to help reduces the occurrence and effects of mouth sores.

40. Treatment of Keratoconjunctivitis

Honey is an excellent treatment for the swelling of the cornea. This achieves by introducing artificial tears made using honey to the eyes.

41. Preventing blepharitis

Blepharitis causes a burning effect and swelling along the eyelash line. Honey can be used to soothe the burning and reduce the swelling.

42. Treats pink eye

Honey contains antimicrobial properties that curb the spreading of eye infections which cause reddening of the eyes.

43. Refreshes eyes

When you feel tired after using a computer for many hours, apply honey to refresh your tired eyes.

44. Prevents macular degeneration

With age, the vision gets weak due to muscular degeneration, which is preventable by using honey.

45. Prevents glaucoma

Research has shown that using honey as eye drops reduces the accumulation of fluid in our eyes.

46. Works as an optic nerve tonic

Honey helps in the production of nitric oxide, which ensures sufficient amounts of getting to the optic nerves.

47. Ensures lasting vision

Adding a few drops of honey in our eyes regularly improves protein oxidation of the eye lens, which leads to quality vision.

48. Helps to lighten eye color

To achieve the best results, use honey and clean water. This process takes time and requires patience.

49. Lighten dark lips

Honey is a natural remedy for dark lips. It lightens dark lips due to aging, sickness, or other factors.

50. Cures ear infections

In case of an infection in your ears, a few drops of honey will quickly heal the infection.

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