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10 Uses of Coke

Most of the time, we have used coke for refreshments as compared to other uses. Coke has many uses besides drinking it, which is beneficial for home use. Some of the uses of coke include the following;

1. Remove grease stains

Coke is the perfect grease stain remover from fabrics. The chemical contained in this drink acts as a bleaching agent, hence aiding in stain removal. You can now get your fabrics in their original color using coke.

2. Removal of rust

Coke is used in removing rust from surfaces. For instance, your favorite metallic tray is rusty because it has been in contact with water and air for a long time. This has hindered you from using this tray because you do not know how to get rid of the rust. Dip a sponge or a piece of cloth in coke, and use it to wipe the rusty item. The results will be amazing after a few rubs.

3. Removing blood stains from fabric

Removing blood stains through washing cannot be as effective as using coke. Soak the stained area in coke to remove the stain, then wash normally with soap and water.

4. Killing slugs and snails

Snails and slugs are usually in plenty during the cold seasons. A snail or slug might find its way to your home during the cold weather. Do not panic. Take your coke bottle, and pour a little amount on the snail or slug.

5. Cleaning a toilet bowl

Toilet bowls tend to have stains because the toilet is used almost always. Cleaning the toilet bowl has been made easier using coke. Pour the coke around the rim of the toilet, let it soak for about an hour, then scrub with your toilet brush.

6. Cleaning eyeglasses

Coke is the easiest way to clean your eyeglasses, especially if you cannot afford the cleaning spray. Pour coke over the glasses, rinse clean with clean water, then dry well.

7. Making beef tender

Coke is also used in tenderizing meat. Put the meat in a bag, then pour coke inside the bag, cover the bag tightly, and let it marinate for a minimum of three hours.

8. Loosen rusty bolts and nuts

There is no need f throwing. Your bolts and nuts are away because of rust. Dip a cloth into coke, then wipe the rusty bolt or nut severally. The bolt r nut should turn clear after a few rubs.

9. Kill mice

Mice are attracted to the smell and taste of coke. Put coke in a bowl and set it where the mice will notice it easily. They love coke, but the chemical in the drink kills them. This is because they are unable to expel the gas.

10. Make BBQ sauce

Coke acts as a necessary ingredient in the preparation of BBQ sauce. Mix all your BBQ sauce ingredients together with coke and bring them to boil. Simmer the sauce until it is in a thick consistency, then let cool. Transfer the sauce and refrigerate until you are ready to use it.

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