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75 Tasty uses of corn flakes

The story of cornflakes goes back to 1894, when John Harvey Kellogg a vegetarian, conscious of healthy dietary requirements instilled by his Seventh Day Adventist beliefs, wanted to create a healthy wholesome vegetarian breakfast for his patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, where he was the superintendent.

The SDA church members had been experimenting with different grains, barley, wheat, oats, and rice. The cornflakes as we know them were discovered quite by accident, on August 8th, 1894, John Harvey Kellog and his brother Will Keith Kellog, left some dough to sit, when they came back they found that it had gone stale, instead of throwing it away, they decided to bake it.

Forcing it through the roller, it didn’t produce the expected sheet of dough of wheat but instead broke into flakes which they baked and served to their patients. The flakes proved to be quite popular. They filed for a patent in 1895 which they obtained in April 1896.

John Harvey Kellog introduced corn flakes to his patients with the belief that they would help reduce dyspepsia and curb excessive sexual urges, which would help deter masturbation amongst his patients.

Cornflakes, as we know them today, are breakfast cereals made from toasted flakes of corn. In 1906 Will Keith Kellog decided to target the mass market. He added sugar to the cornflakes to make them more appealing, this caused a rift between him and his brother. Will Kellogg formed a company Battle Creek toasted Flake Company to pursue this vision.

Cornflakes are no longer breakfast cereal but have over the years evolved to be important ingredients to hundreds of recipes. Many foods that you eat today have been made tastier with the addition of cornflakes, which was once a bland cereal.

In this article I will discuss 75 uses of cornflakes, the article will sound like a recipe book but how else can we describe the uses of what is one of the world’s most important cereal without talking about how to use it as an ingredient in countless food preparation recipes?

From cooking exquisite meals, creating tantalizing desserts to whipping exotic side dishes, these 75 mouthwatering corn flakes use will leave you salivating for more;


1.    Casseroles: Instead of using bread crumbs or onions for topping, crushed corn flakes topped with shredded cheese will turn your casserole into a pleasant crunchy crust.

2.    Cheese Sticks (Baked): You can enjoy a tasty salty snack that is buttery, crispy and cheese flavored with garlic powder seasoning and herbs., sprinkle crushed cornflakes to give them a crunchy taste.

3.     Cornflakes chocolate marshmallow cookies have a delicious sweet and salty caramel flavor with crunchy cornflakes mouthwatering taste.

4.    Faux fried ice cream; A teaspoon of cinnamon, half a cup of crushed cornflakes, a tablespoon of melted butter, brown sugar tossed to coat, frozen with honey or whipped cream and cherries, creates crunchy snacks that melt in your mouth.

5.    Fresh garden Zucchini, cheese, eggs, garlic salt, and pepper to taste mixed together with crushed cornflakes, fried in olive oil will give you tasty Zucchini fritters.

6.    Cornflakes can also make a crunchy coating for chicken or fish, whisked in a cup of milk with an egg a cup of flour, salt and pepper to taste add on some onions and garlic powder the uncooked chicken is dipped in this mixture and rolled in corn flakes and baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown.

7.    Fried Ice cream, is made from a tablespoon of cinnamon, a few cups of crushed cornflakes, ice cream balls rolled in this mixture and deep-fried for a few seconds.

8.    Cereal granola is made from, a cup of sugar, corn syrup, a cup of butter, which is brought to boil, stirred with six cups of cornflakes. The mixture is put on waxed paper and allowed to cool. It’s broken into pieces and dried cranberries or walnuts or pecans are added to give your cereal granola a fruity crunchy taste.

9.    A cup of crushed cornflakes with 2 tablespoons of sugar, melted butter, light corn syrup baked until golden and cooled is a favorite pie crust filling.

10.    Some sweet treats have a crunchy flavor added to them in the form of crushed cornflakes, made from melted peanut butter corn syrup, brown sugar mixed in 3 cups of cornflakes. The mixture is poured into a greased pan and put in a microwave or a medium-heat stove.

11.    I should have started with this one, everybody’s breakfast recipe. Corn flakes in milk or yogurt, sounds familiar?

12.    Potato wedges can be made crunchy with a little help from crushed cornflakes. The potatoes are cut into wedges, brushed with egg white, dipped into cornflakes salted and flavored with parmesan cheese together with seasoning and baked at 425 degrees Fahrenheit until cooked.

13.    Chocolate and butter melted together on a pan and cooled in corn flakes and then spooned into cupcakes that are let to set in the fridge will make yummy cluster cakes that are a treat for everyone.

14.    Crushed cornflakes and fish fillet dipped in oil and rolled in cornflakes and fried in a frying pan will make great fried fish.

15.    You can create KFC corn flakes with chicken dipped in oil and rolled in the cornflakes and fried in a frying pan. This will give your chicken a delicious crunchy taste.

16.    Cornflakes can also be used to top up varied recipes of casseroles. They add that crunchy wholesome taste to your casserole.

17.    For anyone who is a vegetarian, you can use Crushed cornflakes and cheese dipped in cornflakes and fried in a frying pan to make great cheese dippers.

18.    Mashed potatoes, together with shredded cheese mixed with corn flakes fried lightly to a golden brown, make tasty hash browns, a life-giving breakfast for anyone with a hangover.

19.    Potatoes mixed with sour cream a cup of cheese onions and salt to taste sprinkled with more cheese and mixed with corn flakes and baked will make a filling potato casserole.

20.    Prepare dough from all-purpose flour to add lemon juice, baking powder, and vanilla essence and mix with cornflakes, preheat the oven and divide the dough. Flatten into cookie-sized portions, and bake. You have just created eggless cornflakes cookies.

21.    Frosted Flakes trail is made from crushed corn flakes fruit and nut trail mix with a tablespoon of flaked coconut.

22.     Chocolate chips and peanut butter heated in a saucepan cooked and stirred in cornflakes, for coating spooned and dropped on a baking sheet and chilled in the freezer until cool makes delicious chocolate butter cornflakes cookies.

23.    Cheese Corn Flakes with some peanuts are a straight snack that doesn’t need much preparation.

24.    Cornflakes dessert canele made from chocolate and crushed cornflakes make a sweet crunchy yet chocolatey dessert.

25.     A cup of cornflakes, mixed in flour with milk, eggs, plain flour, and shredded cheese together with onions and salt to taste will create delicious cheesy corn flakes pancakes.

26.    Cornflakes crusted chicken is a refreshingly delicious way of cooking chicken, Dip chicken pieces in an egg mixture and roll in crushed corn flakes and melted butter and bake until golden brown.

27.    Mix flour, cornstarch, salt, egg whites, water, and olive oil add crushed cornflakes and stir. Roll shrimps in the mixture, dip them in butter and deep fry until golden brown, your Cornflakes crusted shrimps are ready for that crunchy bite.

28.    Peanut butter cornflake cookies do not require baking. Boil sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan, stir in butter and peanut butter. Place the cornflakes in a large bowl and pour the peanut butter mixture over them mix thoroughly and enjoy.

29.    Melt butter in a baking pan with foil add cornflakes and stir add peanuts and vanilla essence add chocolate and smooth top in a heatproof over a pan simmer in water heat or in the microwave until the chocolate is melted. There you have it, your sweet no-bake crispy cornflakes chocolate butter bars.

30.    To make Blueberry pecan cornflake squares, Mix cornflakes blueberries and toasted pecans in a large bowl add melted butter in a saucepan over low heat add marshmallows and stir until melted serve and enjoy a delicious snack.

31.    Chocolate cornflakes are a delicious snack made by pouring corn flakes into a large mixing bowl and pouring in half tempered chocolate over them. With a rubber spatula mix until evenly coated, let it set and repeat. Put out in the fridge to cool, this will give them a hard crispy feel.

32.    Cornflake butter cake is a perfect treat for the whole family, to get that crunchy taste, use butter a cup of sugar honey and four cups of cornflakes, mix the cornflakes, heat butter sugar and honey until frothy, add cornflakes and mix well away from the heat. Spoon into patty cakes and bake your tasty treat.

33.     To make a tasty Chocolate cornflake slice, sift flour and cocoa into a large mixing bowl, add cornflakes, coconut, and sugar, add chocolate and stir to mix, add butter and vanilla and stir some more, place in a tin and press down and bake.

34.    Frosted flakes pancakes are your ideal breakfast, made by mixing a bowl of cornflakes with raspberry jam and coconut flakes, and flour. Everything is mixed thoroughly and turned into large fluffy pancake stacks.

35.    Cornflakes cream cheese chicken: use chicken breasts, sliced cheddar cheese add chicken salt and pepper and cover. Mix sour cream, cornflakes and soup. Pour this mixture over the chicken and bake for between 50 to 65 minutes, your chicken is ready, and can be eaten with rice, noodles or spaghetti.

36.    Prepare your own Corn Flakes milk ice cream use whole milk and 2 cups of heavy cream, add egg yolks a teaspoon of vanilla essence, add 2 cups of cornflakes, add granulated sugar. Mix well and place in a freezer. Remove when frozen and enjoy the crunchy icy taste.

37.    Gooey Cornflake Crispies can be made from chocolate, marshmallow, and cornflakes mixed and blended well to make them chocolatey and gooey.

38.    Rosewater cornflakes cookies have an exotic Malaysian twist. They are made from cream butter and sugar mixture, mixed well in the flour and allowed to settle, baked until golden brown and eaten as a breakfast snack.

39.    Cornflakes french toast: Beat eggs milk and vanilla and mix well, add bread slices and allow to soak. Add crushed cornflakes dip bread into cornflakes and fry gently on a skillet until golden.

40.    Butterscotch Cornflake Cookies is a sweet snack. Melt butterscotch chips with peanut butter add cornflakes and stir, remove from heat and use an ice cream scoop to measure out mounds on a wax paper put in the oven and bake.

41.    Cornflake, Pecan, and Marshmallow-Topped Sweet Potato Casserole. Sprinkle marshmallows and top with sweet potato casserole mixture, bake for a few minutes, until turned to a golden brown. Bake sweet potato filling and serve.

42.    Dip chicken breasts in eggs and coat with popcorn and cornflakes cover a baking pan with tin foil and butter, bake until cooked and serve your popcorn and cornflake crusted chicken with vegetables.

43.     Cornflake mock peanut brittle is a chewy snack that combines corn syrup, sugar, and cornflakes and cooked while stirring constantly over medium heat, once the sugar is dissolved, peanut butter is added and the brittle is ready to eat.

44.    Cornflakes sized s’ mores are made by mixing cornflakes, powdered sugar, butter and mixed, after mixing, put them in muffin tins and press down. Sprinkle more cornflakes on top and bake in the oven for a few minutes until ready.

45.    Cornflakes mozzarella sticks, preheat the oven to crush your cornflakes, cut string cheese in mozzarella sticks dip them in cornflakes and bake at 400 degrees fahrenheit.

46.    Banana bread cornflakes with walnuts; mix pecans and walnuts and a tablespoon of butter add sugar some eggs and favorite nuts add cornflakes and mix, put in the oven and bake to get a wonderful cornflakes banana bread

47.    Cornflakes peanut brittle without the peanuts: mix corn syrup and sugar put on a low heat and stir slowly, once the sugar is dissolved, add peanut butter pour this mixture over cornflakes and mix, let it spread and allow to cool and your cornflake peanut brittle is ready to eat.

48.    Corn Flakes muffins are a great side dish that can accompany soup or salad, 2 cups of all purpose flour sugar, baking powder cornflakes milk eggs and vegetable oil is all you need. Mix thoroughly and allow to settle, scoop into muffin cups and bake.

49.    Healthy cornflakes Chivda have a great indian taste. Use corn flakes and oil, deep fry the dried yellow flakes to make cornflakes Chivda.

50.    Cornflakes Fruity yogurt is a combination of cornflakes and fruits like cherry. The cornflakes are mixed with yogurt and cherries are added.

51.    No bake cornflakes cookie bars are sweet peanut butter cornflakes crusted bars topped with creamy vanilla pudding and rich chocolate frosting, you can also choose to top with a sprinkle of peanuts.

52.    Cornflakes Ke Laddu is made from cornflakes mixed with sugar, cardamom powder, nuts, blended and mixed well together with melted ghee and powdered. You can add milk for better density and bake.

53.    To make a crunchy peach custard, mix peaches with cinnamon, nutmeg and salt mix with cornflakes in a bowl add butter brown sugar and flour. Press down gently after mixing well and bake.

54.    Cornflakes chaat, Another great indian delicacy, add red chilly powder, cumin seed powder garlic paste, salted curds, and mix together with cornflakes. Add chopped onions and tomatoes together with curds and mix well.

55.     Whole wheat cornflakes cookies are made from butter, sugar, and vanilla essence and whisk to mix until its smooth. Add cornflakes, baking powder and baking soda, mix well and knead into a soft dough divide the dough and bake.

56.    Cornflakes crusted pork cutlet sandwich is made from pounded pork tenderloin mixed with eggs and rolled in cornflakes and baked.

57.    No-bake chocolate cornflakes caramel bar is prepared with 4 easy ingredients, cornflakes, chocolate, milk and eggs and baked to a golden brown.

58.    Cornflakes Hara Kebabs dip the kebabs in corn flour mixture and roll them in cornflakes take each kebab on a griddle and fry on medium heat until golden brown drain excess oil on absorbent paper and enjoy.

59.     Crunchy Apple pie pudding is made by mixing two tablespoons flour baking powder salt sugar vanilla and 2 cups of cornflakes crumbs mix well and bake.

60.    To make cornflakes cookies, sift flour and baking soda, add chocolate chips and stir to mix, separate the bowl and add crushed cornflakes scoop balls of dough and roll them in the cornflakes before baking, bake to a golden brown.

61.    Cornflake French toast: Mix eggs milk and vanilla soak toast and roll in corn flakes fry the toast until golden brown.

62.    Paneer Kurkure stuffed with green chutney in gram flour butter are rolled in crushed cornflakes and fried to make a tasty aromatic indian snack.

63.    Cornflakes milk bar cookies are made by mixing milk, vanilla, flour sugar and corn flakes well mixed and fried to a crisp tantalizing taste.

64.    You can create a delicious Indian breakfast with corn flakes upma, heat oil add sauté mustard seeds, garlic, green chilies, curry leaves, onions, and tomatoes, mix well with crushed cornflakes and fry your delicious snack.

65.    Sweet ladoos are a favorite Indian dessert, use cashew nuts, walnuts or almonds mix well with cornflakes add ghee sugar cardamom coconut and whipped cream make small balls and fry until golden brown.

66.    Use cornflakes to make pear ice crunch, Mix sugar crushed cornflakes some honey, nuts ghee and coconut powder set the mixture to settle simmer and cool down add mint and juice and freeze serve chilled crunchy.

67.    Butter crunch biscuits are a wonderful treat for the family mix vanilla sugar flour baking powder cocoa and crushed cornflakes add nuts mix well and bake at 175 degrees Celsius.

68.    Nutty cornflakes chocolate cluster is chocolatey and crunchy, use cornflakes and add chocolate and milk in the bowl mix with a spatula and bake your dessert.

69.     Cornflakes muesli fruit & nut can be a mix of several fruits, dried fruits, papaya peaches, raisins, and almonds, they are all mixed together with the cornflakes and made ready to eat.

70.    Khatta meetha cornflakes churmuri are an Indian delicacy made from puffed rice, salted boondi bhujia and chana dal together with raisins, mixed with cornflakes and fried.

71.    Cornflakes Chudwa is a spicy Indian snack prepared using cornflakes curry, turmeric powder, red chili and salt to taste they are mixed and fried to make this crispy and low-fat chudwa.

72.    Cornflakes Bhel is spicy tangy and aromatic, a great Indian snack that is made by mixing cornflakes, onions, green chilies lemon juice chaat masala red chili powder green chutney and salt to taste, mix and simmer until cooked.

73.    Pork chops in cornflake crumbs are made by dipping pork chops in melted margarine and coated generously with cornflakes mixed and baked.

74.    Oven corn flakes pork chops, you need eggs spices, milk and lime juice mix in a shallow bowl, dip pork chops in the mixture and bake.

75.    Cornflakes honey joys are deliciously tasty cornflakes are mixed with honey, sugar, cream and allowed to settle. They taste better served chilled.

These corn flakes recipes are by no means all that cornflakes can be used for, there are hundreds probably thousands of ways that you can use corn flakes to whip up a great meal, cook a tasty snack or create a nutritionally delicious meal that is easy to make

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