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8 Uses of Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that is known and consumed by many people all over the world. In addition, people also throw away the grounds once it is brewed, not knowing their importance. You can enjoy your coffee in many ways apart from just drinking it. Below are some of the uses of coffee.

1. Cooking and baking

Home-baked coffee cookies taste the best. You can add coffee grinds to your marinade. In addition to that, you can also decide to rub the coffee on a steak to have that savory taste. You can also give your extra chili flavor by adding coffee to it.

2. as a gift

There are some people around you who are coffee lovers. Instead of buying the usual gifts like watches or a pair of shoes, you can buy a thermos and a mug and carry them alongside a small basket of coffee. This can be the best gift for your employer or that coffee lover in your life.

3. Scrubbing

Ever wondered how you can pamper yourself after a tiresome week? You can get a coffee scrub from the spa of your choice. Coffee scrub, mixed with other natural ingredients, help exfoliate the skin and give you healthier and glowing skin. It also leaves a nice scent on you, which makes you feel pampered and special after your scrub.

4. Reused to make iced coffee

You can sometimes have too much work until you forget to take your coffee. When you finally decide to take it, you will realize that the cup of coffee has become colder, and you cannot drink it that way. Well, the good news is that you can add ice cubes to your coffee and have ice tea instead.

5. Composting

The coffee grounds that people are throwing away act as good composts. You can collect the coffee grounds and turn them into compost over time, and you can use it in your flowers, vegetables, and plants. Used coffee grounds are also important in keeping pests, such as slugs, out of your garden.

6. Crafting

This is the best use of coffee, especially for people who hate coffee but love the smell. You can also make coffee incense from this too. In addition to that, there are some lip balms, perfumes, and lip glosses that come in the flavor of the coffee.

7. Sharing

People also find it important to share ideas, communicate, and do research over a cup of coffee. Having a cup of coffee is comforting and is also a social experience. You can have a cup of coffee alone or indulge friends as you catch up.

8. In getting the real scent of a cologne

Most of the time, when you are choosing a cologne, you tend to smell some of the available options to get the perfect one. In this process, knowing the real scent of cologne can be difficult because you cannot tell which scent is for which cologne. Coffee helps in this process in that after sniffing one cologne, you sniff a jar of coffee to clear the scent in your nose.

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