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17 uses of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a soluble fat nutrient that occurs naturally in foods. Some of the foods that contain vitamin E include nuts, vegetable seeds, etc.

Vitamin E is very useful in the functioning of the body as it contains antioxidants and inflammatory properties. This nutrient plays a key role in boosting the immune system of the body and generating cells and protecting them.

Vitamin E is commonly used to treat diseases caused by a deficiency of vitamin E. This is achieved by eating foods rich in vitamin E.

Also, vitamin E is widely known because of its skin benefits, as it helps in maintaining the skin’s health and appearance.

Vitamin E is globally used for different health benefits some of them include

1. Moisturizing the skin.

Vitamin E oils are used to moisten dry skin; this is because of their property of regenerating new cells to the surface.

Vitamin E is used in making moisturizers that prevent and treats dry skin.

2. Aids in the prevention of skin cancer.

Vitamin E oils and foods contribute a lot to protecting skin from the risk of cancer. Components present in vitamin E helps in reducing effects caused by large quantities of ultraviolet light to the skin. Hence reducing the effect of ultraviolet light helps the skin to control cancer caused by these lights.

3. Used to reduce skin itching.

Itchiness caused by skin dryness can be reduced by applying vitamin E oil on the itching skin, and this will help to reduce the itchiness.

Vitamin E helps in regenerating new cells. The regenerating property of vitamin E helps in reducing itching on the skin.

4. Relieving sunburns.

It helps in soothing the skin and moisturizing the sunburn areas. Applying vitamin E oil around the sunburn area makes the skin generate new cells hence reducing the effect caused by sunburns such as redness and itchiness.

5. Nails health.

Vitamin E plays a crucial role in the health and development of nails. It has a supplement that is beneficial to nails. The cracking of nails can be controlled by eating foods rich in vitamin E.

The yellowing syndrome of nails can also be controlled by vitamin E supplements. Therefore it is vital in the development of good-looking and healthy nails.

6. Used to prevent wrinkles on the face.

Wrinkles on the face can be controlled by applying oil on the face. The moisturizing effect of vitamin E helps in reducing wrinkles on the face and makes it look smooth.

Also, eating food rich in vitamin E or vitamin E oils helps in reducing wrinkles on the face. This is because vitamin E contains antioxidant properties; hence when used, it affects blood circulation, therefore making the skin appear more youthful and youthful.

7. Used to control hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area on the skin or nail due to increased melanin. However, vitamin E can be used to alleviate this condition.

Hormones that trigger the darkening of an area on the skin or the nail can be controlled by eating foods rich in vitamin E or vitamin E oils. They contain supplements to control this condition.

8. In the healing of wounds

Vitamin E can be used by the injured person to facilitate the healing of wounds. This is possible because vitamin E is capable of generating new cells around the injured area hence easing the healing process.

9. Used to make lips smooth and soft

Vitamin E oil can be used to control lip’s dryness. Applying the oil on dry lips helps to bring new cells to the surface, due to the regeneration property of vitamin E oil.

It also prevents further drying of lips.

10. Used to treat acne

Acne is a skin disease usually of the face that is characterized by red pimples. Vitamin E can be used to control acne. Vitamin E oil applied to the area around the acne acts as astringent, therefore drawing tissues together, thus reducing the redness and easing the healing of the acne.

11. Used to improve and protect eye vision

Vitamin E supplements help to protect the eyes against the risk of age-related eye diseases.

Taking vitamin E foods and vitamin C plays an important role in improving vision. Also, applying vitamin E oil around the eyes may help to protect the eyes against infections and rashes.

12. Used in skin treatments.

The softening property associated with vitamin E makes its oil be used in skin treatments. The oil helps in reducing wrinkling on the skin and treating acne and eczema. Therefore, vitamin E oil can be used together with other skincare.

13. Used to control psoriasis symptoms.

This is a noncontiguous disease that is characterized by grey or silvery patches on the skin. Vitamin E oil can be used to reduce the symptoms caused by psoriasis by applying the oil to the affected skin.

Eating food rich in vitamin E also helps in preventing psoriasis and other skin diseases.

14. Production of hormones.

Vitamin E is vital in the production of hormones that are of great importance in body processes. Prostaglandin is a good example of a hormone-like substance produced by vitamin E, which helps in regulating blood pressure. Vitamin E also aids in producing hormones that help in muscle contraction and relaxation.

15. Also used to reduce menstrual cramps pain.

Taking vitamin E during menstruation seems to relieve the pain. Also, menstrual blood loss can be minimized by taking vitamin E.

Therefore women are advised to eat foods rich in vitamin E a few days before and also during the menstruation period.

16. Controlling allergies.

Allergies caused to the skin by infections can be relieved and be controlled by applying vitamin E oil. Also, allergies caused by inflammation can be controlled and relieved by taking vitamin E oil.

17. increases the production of red blood cells.

During the hemodialysis process, vitamin E aids in the production of red blood cells production. This is because vitamin E supplements improve the response to drug erythropoietin for people suffering from anemia or chronic disease. Therefore vitamin E is vital to people with blood diseases.

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