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Uses of water in the body

Uses of water in the body

Besides quenching thirst, water performs several functions in the body. It is essential to promote the health of your body parts and to ensure there is proper body function. It takes most of your body weight (60%), and thus it is a vital component. In this article, we shall discuss the uses of water in the body.

1. To regulate Body temperature

Water helps to keep the body hydrated and maintain the body temperature. During a hot day, the body loses water through sweat, and this keeps the body cool. If you do not drink the water, the body will likely lose electrolytes and body plasma during a hot day. This will lead to a temperature rise in the body. High body temperature exposes the body to skin disorders and wrinkles.

2. It helps in the excretion process

Water plays a vital role in the movement of urine, sweat, and the bowel. Adequate water is needed to help your kidney to perform its function efficiently. Water allows the kidney to filter out waste through urination; thus, adequate water intake can help the kidney avoid kidney stone disorders. Therefore, water plays a crucial task in the defecation and perspiration processes.

Uses of water in the body

3. Lubricating the joints

Joints rely on water as the lubricant. The Cartilage (founds in the disks of the spine and joints) contains water which acts as the lubricant. The Cartilage water reduces the joints’ friction and eases the movement of the Cartilage. In addition, water improves the shock-absorbing ability of the joints and disks of the spine.

4. To improve blood Circulation

Water transport blood oxygen to all the body parts. It forms the highest percentage of blood, which enhances blood oxygen circulation in the body. Daily water intake increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and the thickness of the blood.

5. To cushion sensitive body parts

Water is linked to the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Hydration promotes brain functioning and structure. Daily water intake increases the brain hormones that improve the thinking and reasoning ability of the human being. The health of the spinal cord largely depends on the neurotransmitters. This acetylcholine sends nerve signals via the spinal cord to the brain.

6. Digestive Health

Water helps in breaking down food. At the mouth, saliva, made of water, breaks the food into tiny particles that can be swallowed. In the bowel, it prevents constipation that is likely to occur if the food is not digested correctly.

7. Remedy for weight loss

Water helps in losing weight. Daily water intake prevents overeating; thus, the amount of food you take is controlled. Similarly, water improves the functioning of body parts, and therefore there is no accumulation of fats in the body.

8. Boost Skin Health

Skin hydration fixes skin disorders. Drinking water promotes the skin excretion processes and keeps the skin from disorders associated with the accumulation of waste. It improves the firmness of the skin tissues, hence getting rid of premature wrinkles.


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