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10 uses of fire

Fire can be said to be the product or result of a reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere, which could be wood or other sensitive products. It is a combustion process that brings out light and heat anywhere it is ignited.

Fire is both beneficial and can also be destructive if you do things that would ignite it and cause loss of property and life. Although, it is also of good use in the modern age in which we would take a few of its important use below.


1. Communication

Of course, fire can be used as a communication strategy to send signals to people in other villages or communities through the campfire. This is used in the rural areas and wilderness and it’s a very good way of sending a signal as the people do understand it.

2. Cooking

When you’re outdoor, maybe you went camping in the forest, you would have to cook and it can only be done with fire. With coal and dry woods, you would be able to make fire and some persons still prefer it to use a microwave and stove.

3. Used for purifying water

The use of fire is the only way you can purifying water that is gotten from streams, rivers, or the ocean. Through the healing process and when it has boiled to a 100-degree centigrade, it can be drinking as it would be free of germ and other dirt.

4. It provides heat and warmth

The use of fire for heat and warmth both indoor and outdoor cannot be taken for granted. There are seasons where the cold would be so severe and at that time you would need fire to keep you warm and bring the heat to your body do you won’t get sick.

5. Used for the sharpening of tools

Fire is the best effective way to sharpen tools like spear, cutlass, and shovel. Those persons that are specialists in this stuff use several coals to work. It makes these tools sharp so they won’t go blunt.

6. It chases insects away

Almost all insects are scared of smoke that comes from fire and of course the heat. It could be that you went on camping in the forest, at this time, you’ve got to create a campfire so the insects wouldn’t disturb you that night.

7. Used for food preservation

Fire is one of the best means to preserve foods like meat and fish. With the heating of fish or the meat, germs and other insects in it would disappear. It would make these food substances to last long.

8. Landscape modification

This is another important use of fire in the modern world. It involves clearing brush for ease when travelling and hunting. It also involves burning the forest or a part of it to make it more fertile for the growth of trees.

9. Hunting

In the rural area or communities, fire is one of the major aid in the hunting down of animals and in searching for bees. It drives all animals away to their hideout place and you can catch them easily.

10. In treating of wounds

Of course, fire helps in easy treating of wounds or injuries that are fatal. There are times that you may be far away from a hospital or pharmacy shop, at this point, fire is a good option to use as it will make the place free from infection.

Fire is so important and still got other uses that are beneficial to both humans and animals. When used rightly, it would be of great effect to us.

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