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10 uses of wood

Wood can be said to be the most important and main substance of a tree. Apart from trees, wood can also be found in the stem and root of other wooden plants and can be used as fuel. Wood has long been in existence since ancient times and still has a lot of use and applications until today.

Every day, there is a feeling of trees because people need wood to carry out various activities that have to be done. Below, I would give you a few uses of wood that have proven to be highly beneficial.


1. Fencing and decorating gardens

Wood is used in the fencing and decorating of gardens as it makes it look the whole garden open and still protected. It’s easy to build or constrict in the garden and it makes absolute sense.

2. Used in producing furniture

As we know, all the furniture in our homes is made out of wood. Our chairs, tables, shelves, and others are all constructed with wood and still designed. If there is no wood, there would be no furniture in our homes.

3. Used in creating art

Wood is used in the creating and designing of all art-related stuff. That includes sculptures, carvings, and art frames that we place in our home. There is no better way of creating innovative art designs that you wouldn’t use wood.

4. Used as insulation

Wood is a better insulator than most equipment because of its nature. It is used to measure the insulation properties of building materials. It has this ability due to the air pocket within its air structure.

5. Used for heating

Wood is a good source of energy when used with fuel. It can be used for heating in the forest as a campfire. It can also be used in an indoor furnace to keep the rooms warm to avoid cold.

6. Used to make most kitchen utensils

Most kitchen utensils are made of wood because of its insulating ability. The handles of the kitchen utensils, when made with wood, would prove to be of better handling as people wouldn’t be scared of getting hurt due to the hotness of the handles.

7. Used to make musical instruments

This is one special and beneficial use of wood in the modern age. Wood is used to make almost all musical instruments that include; piano, guitar, drum, and a lot more. They won’t be able to function properly if there is no wood.

8. Used to make Sports equipment

Wood is one of the essential properties used in making sports equipment like in cricket, table tennis, and hockey. The equipment used in the playing of these games is all wooden. That is to tell you how beneficial wood is in the game of sport.

9. Used in shipbuilding

Wood is another important material when it comes to the making of ships. Both large and small ships are made of wood as it helps in buoyancy. Without wood in these ships, there would be no way they can move in the sea.

10. Used to make children toys

Of course, most children’s toys are made up of wood. Today, parents do prefer to buy wooden toys for their kids as they consider plastic toys harmful due to its toxicity.

Wood is very important in our world because of its multiple/diverse uses and applications.

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