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50 uses of lavender oil

1. Acne removal

Lavender oil is effective in prevents the spreading of bacteria and kills it to cure acne.

2. Facial toner

To tone your face, mix a teaspoon of witch hazel with two drops of lavender oil. Gently rub with it on your face with a cotton ball.

3. Reduces pimples

When mixed with argan oil, lavender oil reduces inflammation, especially when it is a pimple.

4. Soothes eczema

Lavender oil has antifungal properties which fight the itchy, dry effects of eczema on your skin.

5. Treats psoriasis

Lavender helps to reduce irritation by cleansing your skin. It also reduces reddening of the skin.

6. Skin lightening

In case you have hyper-pigmentation, lavender oil helps in lightening the pigmentation.

7. Reduce face wrinkles

Lavender oil contains antioxidants which remove free radicals on your face. These radicals cause face wrinkles.

8. Anti-inflammatory

Beta-caryophyllene is a natural anti-inflammatory found in lavender and effective in reducing inflammation.

9. Healing of wounds

In case of a bruise or any other wound, lavender oil is effective in promoting the healing process.

10. Insect repellant

Lavender oil is quite effective in keeping away insects such as mosquitoes and bugs.

11. It speeds up hair growth

In the case of alopecia or early baldness, lavender oil makes hair grow back and thick..

12. Antimicrobial effects

Lavender oil contains antimicrobial properties that fight the growth of bacteria as well as fungi.

13. Prevents dandruff

Lavender oil removes and prevents any infections leading to dandruff or an itchy scalp.

14. Kills and prevents head lice

When combined with tea tree oil, lavender oil prevents and kill head lice.

15. Reduces scalp dryness

Lavender oil is successful in eliminating scalp dryness and chances of scalp inflammation.

16. Adding flavor

Specific versions of lavender oil add flavor in different types of food.

17. Helps with anxiety disorders

Lavender makes silexan which researchers have found to contain anxiety-reducing effects.

18. Reduces post-tonsillectomy

Research has found that lavender oil reduces pain in children who have undergone tonsil removal.

19. Reduces premenstrual syndrome

Aromatherapy using lavender discovered that it reduces premenstrual emotional symptoms.

20. Making air fresheners

Once extracted, lavender oil makes s sprays used to produce a fresh scent in bedrooms and bathrooms.

21. Reduces insomnia

Take several whiffs of lavender oil helps achieve a peaceful and calm sleep with fewer disturbances.

22. Slows ageing of the skin

Lavender oil contains antioxidants which restore skin complexion and slow down the aging of the skin.

23. Making of candles

Lavender oil makes candles that candles produce a pleasant scent which creates a calming effect.

24. Making soaps

Lavender oil makes soaps that leave a fresh scent and smoothen the skin.

25. Making of detergents

Detergents made using lavender oil keep your clothes fresh and soft to wear.

26. Reduces depression

Research indicates that when lavender oil is used in aromatherapy, it helps people suffering from depression.

27. Removes bad odor

In case of bad odor from your carpet or floor, mix lavender oil with baking soda and sprinkle before vacuuming.

28. Memory improvement

Recent studies show that taking a few whiffs of lavender oil before studying keeps your mind alert

29. Helps extract splinters

In case of a splinter, add a few drops of lavender oil to prevent swelling and make it easier to remove the splinter.

30. Soothe bee stings

In case of a bee or insect sting, use a few drops of lavender oil to help calm the itching.

31. Ironing

Add about one or two drops of lavender oil to your iron water eliminates wrinkles and give your clothes a fresh scent.

32. Treatment of cold sore

Mix a drop of lavender oil with coconut oil and apply on a sore spot to speed up the healing process.

33. Treatment of flu

Add five drops of lavender oil. Cover yourself with a towel and inhale the steam to cure flu.

Cover yourself with a towel and inhale the steam

34. Used as a perfume

Lavender produces a pleasant fragrance making it a good perfume. Just apply a few drops on the wrist and at the back of each ear.

35. Allergy relief

In case of any allergy-related issues, apply about two drops of lavender oil on your chest and back part of your neck.

36. Muscle tension

In case of muscle tension or soreness, add a few drops of lavender oil and Epsom salt to a hot bath. Stay in the water for about half an hour.

37. Sunburn relief

To achieve a cooling effect on sun-burnt skin, add lavender oil to cold water and use a spray on the sun-burnt areas.

38. Relaxation purposes

Use of lavender oil in aromatherapy to helps relax your mind, especially when you have had a rough day.

39. Paint solvent

In oil painting, some varieties of lavender oil work as a solvent.

40. Massage therapy

Using lavender oil in therapy has been found to produce a relaxing effect through skin contact.

41. Face steam

Daily face steam using lavender oil mixed with tea tree helps achieve glowing skin.

42. Making of body lotion

Lavender oil nourishes your skin when mixed with coconut oil and organic honey.

43. Eases decongestion

In case of nose, throat or chest congestion, add a drop or two of lavender oil into a glass of hot water. Inhale this steam for several minutes and will ease the decongest.

44. Anti-spasmodic

In the case of spasms, apply a few drops of lavender oil to help ease the problem.

45. Hypotensive

Research has shown that lavender oil is effective in dealing with high blood pressure.

46. Cytophylactic

Lavender oil is one of the few herbs that help in the creation of new cells as well as protection of the cells.

47. Carminative

Research has shown that lavender essential oil is effective in preventing and relieving the accumulation of gas in the digestive system.

48. Diuretic

Lavender oil helps in increasing urine production, thus helping with the excretion of toxins in the body.

49. Sudorific

Research has found lavender oil to be effective in inducing sweating, which helps excrete toxic substances from the body.

50. Rubefacient

Lavender oil helps dilate blood vessels hence increasing blood flow within the body.

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