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Uses of social media

The majority of the world’s population now uses social media. In other words, social media has taken over the world. The standard social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tiktok, and many more. Those social media platforms are used by individuals, brands, entrepreneurs, companies, and many more. Therefore, social media involves everyone, and in this article, I’ll let you know the uses of social media. Without further ado, the following are the uses of social media platforms.

1. Communication

This is one of the primary uses of social media. We have social media accounts like WhatsApp, Skype, and more that are mainly used in communication. Social media has made it easy for people to communicate with family and friends in any part of the world.

2. Advertisements

Since social media platforms get many visitors daily, they are great places to advertise products or services. Many big companies use social media to gain more customers and popularity. You can also use social media to find customers in your own business. Platforms like Facebook offers paid services to advertise for businesses and brands. One everyday use of social media is to help many companies in advertising.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the primary uses of social media. Billions of people visit social media platforms daily to be entertained through meems, reels, funny content, and more. This is one of the main reasons many people visit social media accounts. We have social media accounts like Titok, where people can share their talents, clips, and more to entertain others. Many people have succeeded Via social media platforms since they possess that gift of entraining others. Entrainment is part of life, and social media helps with this. It is one of the uses of social media accounts.

4. Opinion and reviews

This is also one of the primary uses of social media. People can review businesses and companies on social media. For instance, one can check about a particular business in the comments section. Businesses like online shops can get reviews about their products. Therefore, other customers will be convinced or know more about the products or services offered. We also have thoughts about betting companies or other companies offering services online. Social media helps many in finding opinions and reviews on businesses.

5. Source of employment

You might not have seen this one coming, but it is also one of the uses of social media. Many individuals have found jobs on social media platforms. We have a good number of individuals working online on social media. For example, companies may employ individuals as their social media accounts managers. A social media account manager can manage posts in social media accounts, manage comments, and more. Big Media companies employ people to increase their online presence.

6. Source of news

Social media platforms act as a source of news for Many. Nowadays, a significant number of people receive information on social media platforms. People can know more about what is happening in their places from groups and pages on social media. Media platforms also have pages that help spread the news on social networks. Individuals can easily follow news platforms to get any information posted.

7. Sharing media

Social media platforms are the best places to share media in videos, images, and documents. Today, one can share their curriculum vitae, details, or more about themselves via social media while applying for Jobs. Moreover, students also use social media to share their assignments, projects, and more. It is one of the primary uses of social media.

8. Increase brand awareness

We have several brands that have become popular among people through social media. Some media platforms also use social media accounts to create awareness. You might have noticed how several media platforms share content regularly. This is to create awareness about those platforms in social media.

9. Boost sales

This one is common, and you might be aware of it. We have several companies that boost their sales on social platforms by sharing about their businesses. Individuals also use social media to get more customers and increase their sales.

10. Increase web traffic

Several websites use social media to drive visitors. The websites share their links on social media to get traffic and pass vital information. Examples of social media websites include betting sites, news websites, and others.

11. Partner with influencers

This is also a huge role that social media plays in companies or brands. Brand awareness and credibility are built when you notice your company or product being talked about on social media. Therefore, you can set yourself up for more sales by partnering with influencers. Influencers are individuals with a vast number of followers on social media. When you partner with influencers, expect a significant impact. Several companies/individuals have experienced a considerable increase in sales, traffic, followers, and more after using this strategy.

12. Source of content

You may be looking for knowledge or want to enquire about something. Social platforms have got your back. Therefore you can get content about particular institutions, companies, and more.

13. Customer service and customer support

Companies and brands have expanded their customer support to social media accounts. We have betting, loan, and communication companies that are now using social media to offer customer support.

14. Go viral

Many people benefit from social media when their content goes viral. Many individuals have met great people worldwide after making viral content. We have tiktokers who are now popular after making viral content. After completing creative viral content, some have been employed as big companies’ influencers.

15. Promote the YouTube account

YouTube is also one of the social media platforms. However, to succeed in YouTube, individuals can use other social media platforms for advertising their YouTube channels. A good number of individuals are looking for more viewers on YouTube. Therefore, social media platforms can help them drive viewers to their channels.

16. Education

Things have changed, as many students can now get educated via social media. Students don’t necessarily need to attend class physically. We have online courses for learners, which became more popular during the Covid 19 period. Learning materials like notes can also be shared on social media accounts.


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