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25 uses of blockchain

Blockchain is a cryptocurrency wallet that is accepted globally for the safekeeping Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and others. Blockchain is trustworthy around the world and helps in providing giving strategies and on how the market operates and runs daily.

The Blockchain is not owned by a single entity owned by a series of persons. Each of the activities is carried out by different people who by turns help each other in completing transactions and some trading. It also aids in storing of major data or information.

Below, I will give you a few uses of Blockchain and how it has helped and would help companies and people.


1. Mobile payments

Mobile payments have become easy and more efficient like never before with the use of blockchain. You wouldn’t need to depend or be trapped by the use of one currency, as blockchain would provide you with a lot of options.

2. Species protection

There are a lot of species but on land and sea that are being endangered to extinction because they’re being killed daily, with block-chain technology, these animals can be protected.

3. Oil industries

Most of the data and information concerning oil movement and trading can be easily stored safely in block-chain to reduce any form of human error, so it enhances accuracy.

4. Waste management

With blockchain technology, there would be proper mobilization and managing of the waste. It would be more efficient because there would be easy supervision as ost countries are doing right now.

5. Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry makes use of the block-chain technology on diverse platforms. It includes the sales of tickets to avoid fraud and the carrying of transactions between celebrities who engage in businesses.

6. Exotic cars

Cars can be sold and advertised with the block-chain technology. This process makes it easy and safe for buyers and sellers against theft and other transparency issues that come with car dealing.

7. Aids in understanding supply chain

Block-chain makes it easy to know the records of most raw materials and commodities that are of high and less demand currently. It enables you as a marketer to understand the supply chain.

8. Food security and distribution

Food is important in our modern world. Its security and distribution is safer and distributed with the use of the block-chain technology. They would be safe delivery of food items between countries, and if not, the loss would easily be accountable.

9. Health system

The health system is more protected and the equipment is easily distributed globally and more utilized. Also, new health equipment is formed and used with the block-chain technology to treat new diseases.

10. Real estate

The real estate business has become more productive and interesting to engage in. You as a seller, you can contact ready and reliable buyers, you can also carry out transactions with different currencies. It would become safe and easy to be a real estate manager.

11. Charity

Giving to the less privilege all over the world will be more effective with the aid of block-chain. Donations will become more transparent and the records and history would be kept safe and secure for future use.

12. Government use

The government with the aid of block-chain will carry out various domestic activities that will be easily noticed, coordinated and stored to avoid troubles of them not doing according to their budget.

13. Business enterprises

Most international companies would have free-flowing transactions and agreements well recorded and stored safely. Transactions will be carried out with 100% secured assurance between themselves.

14. Music sector

Of course, block-chain has come to this point or revolutionizing music for everyone who desires to be part of it. With its technology, new and promising artists would easily be located and if good, would be brought to the limelight.

15. Diamond business

Diamonds are so valuable to the extent that it causes issues when the right records and transaction history are not seen. But with blockchain technology, the sale of the diamond becomes more secure and easily recorded to avoid trust issues.

16. Art’s potency

With the block-chain technology, those that are into art can become global and the potency that the said art is originally yours would easily be known to avoid copy wright. This would be a boost to fine art genius to showcase their talent and make it productive.

17. Tourism

Tourists can travel anywhere with ease and no future cause of alarm for them. They can pay for their traveling and other activities and things bought with the block-chain, as all currencies are available and easily exchangeable.

18. National Security

The security level in different countries would be upgraded. Most of them have started using this block-chain technology in their cameras and easily identifying locations of criminals and in storing information or data concerning a high ranked case in the country.

19. Shipping process

The shipping process between countries is more safe and reliable with the use of blockchain technology. All data, transactions, and activities carried out between the countries are recorded and kept intact to sort out conflicts later on.

20. Taxation

Most countries like china have implored the use of blockchain technology in taxes and this is very reliable and would make the government have the right and information before setting out tax to be paid

21. Land registration

Since the world is going into the digital realm daily, counties have implored measures to use block-chain to register lands. This is very efficient and safe because you won’t have to be scammed or duped by land fraudsters.

22. Advertising

You can easily advertise your land properties, business ideas, skills and others with the aid of block-chain. It has become a trust-worthy technology platform for industries that need advertisement to succeed.

23. Railways

It may sound weird to you but it’s true and very reliable in the railway sector. Inventories can be carried out concerning the movement of trains, effective maintenance, and proper records would be easily stored and processed to find out vital information later on.

24. Energy distribution

The energy distribution is one major challenge that can be easily sorted out by block-chain. With this technology, data on how energy is being distributed will be kept and known thereby preventing things like corruption in most countries with the distribution of energy.

25. Sustainable Fishing

Fishing can be carried out with safe care and the maintenance of the fishing companies can be maintained to avoid illegal fishers. With blockchain technology, data on fish would be known and illegal fishers will be caught easily.

With the above, we can see that blockchain technology would make life easier for all in almost all sectors it is applied to. It should be implored by all countries for a better and easy living.

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