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10 Uses of a Ruler

A ruler is a measuring instrument, which can be in plastic or metal form, and has a straight edge and measurements along the edge. Sometimes, they are referred to as a line gauge or a rule. A ruler replaced the primitive methods that were used in measurements, such as the use of human hands. This instrument was discovered by a German scientist known as Ekhard Unger. This measuring instrument has been used for many years and this has led to the discovery of different types of rulers, used in measuring different lengths. Some of the uses of a ruler include;

1. as a measurement object

This is the main use of a ruler. It is used in measuring the lengths and widths of different objects all over the world.

2. Drawing straight lines

Drawing a perfect line using free hands is very difficult, and this is why many people resort to using their rulers to draw perfect lines. A ruler that is in perfect condition is long and has a straight edge, helping the user in drawing perfect lines.

3. Cutting straight lines

Just as rulers are used in drawing straight lines, they are also used in cutting straight lines. For instance, a ruler is effective in cutting a manila paper in the perfect shape that is required.

4. Math and Geometry

Rules have been used for math and geometry for a very long time. The type of ruler that is useful in this sector is the desk ruler. Desk rulers have been traditionally made out of wood, though the plastic versions are also common.

5. Engineering

Engineering students need accurate measurements when using a ruler, and that is why they opt for steel rulers. A steel ruler is a straight and flat piece of a ruler. Its markings are closer to the surface, making it the best for engineering purposes.

6. Carpentry

The most common type of ruler used in this sector is the yardstick or the meted stick. This type of ruler is straight, thin, and made from pieces of wood. Usually, they are 36 inches long and have metric measurements.

7. Drafting blueprints

The architect scale is the type of ruler that is made of wood or plastic and has measurements in several different places. They are used for drafting blueprints and have many graduations.

8. Measuring roads

The ruler used in measuring roads is known as the engineering scale. It is similar to the architect scale, with the only difference being that it is graduated with many scales, enabling it to be used for large-scale drawings, such as measuring of roads and other topographical features.

9. Construction

A tape measure is the most common type of rule that is used in construction. Its markings are curled inside the enclosure and are used for taking measurements before and during construction.

10. Controlling page margins and indentations

The ruler in the Microsoft word package helps you in controlling your page margins and paragraphs. Before printing a document, you can ensure that it is in the center and what you see is your final product.

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