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10 uses of ANOVA

ANOVA can also be called analysis of variance and is used in estimating or measuring variation between objects or groups. ANOVA is a collection of statistical models used in solving any variability problem or issue.

ANOVA can be applied in a lot of areas that may seem new and weird to you. It is used to get results and achieve certain objectives in an experiment. It can be applied in many areas in which would take a look at a few of these areas below.

1. Used to design an area

This is an important use of ANOVA as it is used by engineers in creating designing in an area. With ANOVA, you can get designs like; Randomized complete block design (RCBD) and Latin square design (LSD). All of the designs can be applied to make designing easy.

2. Used in identifying gender age differences

The best and widely known way of identifying a grouping age difference is by a statistical method and there is no other better way than with ANOVA. With it, you would be able to easily group and identify the age difference.

3. Used in knowing how far persons can throw a javelin

With the use of ANOVA (analysis of variance), you would be able to identify or know how far different persons can throw the javelin. With it, you could detect the physical condition of the thrower and his or her technical ability.

4. Used to carry out experimental designs

This is a very important use of ANOVA in the statistical field. Using ANOVA, designs such as randomized block and split-plot designs can be carried out and make the experiment straight and easy to understand.

5. Used in analyzing variance between samples

With the use of ANOVA in statistics, you would be to analyze the variance that exists between two or more samples. It is done by testing for the treatment means and also discovering the hypothesis.

6. Used to determine the best materials to build products for your customers

ANOVA is such an interesting procedure to determine the kind of materials to build products for your customers. With this method, you would be able to analyze market competition, price of competitor’s goods, and others, thereby giving you an edge in the production process.

7. Used in food industries

ANOVA helps the food industries in producing and supplying the right quantity of food. When this method is used and encouraged, it would help stop the rate of wastage and help in winning against your competitors.

8. Used in health care industries

Of course, this is another major use of ANOVA which is so broad. With the aid of taking samples and hypothesis, the health industry would be able to identify which sample drug is best for treating a particular disease in a population.

9. Used in comparing the gas mileage of different vehicles

With the taking of samples and conducting hypotheses on a number a few numbers of cars, you would be able to compare the gas mileage of these vehicles and see which one you love best. Certainly, this is a good use of ANOVA.

10. Used in understanding the impact of different catalyst on chemical reaction rates

In a chemical reaction, it is very important in identifying the impact or effect of a different catalyst on a chemical reaction. And this is best done with a statistical method, which is ANOVA.

Analysis of variance is used in many fields possible. All of its techniques and measurements help to bring a better solution to problems.

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