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Uses of Gravimetric analysis

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Gravimetric analysis is a technique which is used to measure the amount of analyte or rather the ion being analyzed. The technique uses the mass of the analyte to come up with the amount. Additionally, the technique depends entirely on masses of two compounds which contain the analyte.

You may be wondering what the principle behind this technique is. This technique uses a simple principle which states that the mass of an ion in a pure compound can easily be determined and eventually used to find the mass percent of the same ion in a predetermined quantity of an impure compound.

Although this method is very easy to use in the determination of the mass of a compound, it faces a couple of challenges. As a matter of fact, this technique is no longer the most preferred in this case. One of the challenges it faces is the fact that the analyte only provides for the analysis of a single element or even a very small group of elements.

The other disadvantage which is actually regarded as the chief disadvantage is the fact that it requires meticulous time-consuming. This is actually the reason why chemists prefer modern methods of doing the same.

In addition, the method is often convoluted and a slight miss-step can greatly impact the end results. This means the chemist should take a due care to avoid any issues with the results found. This is not a big deal because it’s a point of reference in most methods used in chemistry. The last and the most influential disadvantage is the fact that the technique is only applicable in determining mass.

Regardless of the above issues, the method has seen a couple of uses in the past. Here are some of the uses.


1. It can be used to calibrate other instruments-Due to the fact that this technique can easily give accurate and highly correct data, “`it’s actually used in calibrating other instruments in reference to standards.

2. To allow students to experience a grad level laboratory. This technique is also used to give undergraduate students an opportunity to experience a grad level laboratory.

3. It is a very useful tool for students wishing to attend medical school. The main reason for this is because they will be using the technique in almost all times of their studies.

4. The technique is used to give exceedingly precise analysis. This is actually one of the uses of Gravimetric analysis. If the procedure is carried on the right way, then it can end up providing exceedingly precise analysis. As a matter of fact, this technique was used to determine the atomic mass of many elements in the periodic table.

5. The method provides very little room for instrumental errors. The other use and advantage of gravimetric analysis is the fact that it is used to reduce instances of instrumental errors when you are measuring the mass of the compounds.

6. Calculation of the unknown. The method doesn’t require any series of standards to work on it. The other advantage and the use of this technique are in the calculation of an unknown.

7. You don’t require expensive equipment. To use this technique, you don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying the equipment. It is actually a good reason why the majority of people will choose the method over several others in the market.

8. To analyze the nickel content in stainless steel. The same technique can be used to determine the nickel content in stainless steel. The method if used the right way can easily give clear and articulate information.

9. Determination of plasma volume. The same technique can be used to determine the plasma volume using Radioiodanated Human serum Albumin and Red Blood cells. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most common applications in biology and medical fields.

10. Gravimetric determination of chloride. This is the last application of this method. To do this, you have to follow a simple method which is very simple and you will eventually get the chloride in a given mixture.

The above are some of the most common uses of this technique but now there are a couple of other ways that the method can be used. It is very easy to incorporate the method in almost any other use because it’s open and can be a good technique in analytical chemistry. Though, the method is being overtaken by other modern methods. This doesn’t mean it’s not still in use because you will find many chemists using it.

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