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Uses of Algebra in daily life

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Sometimes you may wonder how some mathematical calculations are related to your life. A good example is Algebra, so many students ask themselves if they will ever apply it in real life. The truth is there are many uses of Algebra in daily life. For instance, businesses can use it to calculate profit or losses incurred. Just because there is no illustration of X and Y, it doesn’t mean that Algebra does not exist in real life.

There is a good number of uses of Algebra in daily life. If you understand the practical applications of algebra that you may come across every day you might start seeing it differently. Algebra is a wide area in mathematics, and so many mathematicians are always focusing on manipulating the abstract symbols. However, in real life algebra blends in as a tool in so many areas. For example, whenever you come across a math problem, you should use algebra to solve it. You don’t need to be sophisticated in math to do it. Unless if you are a programmer then you will have to solve more complicated equations every day.


Best uses of Algebra in daily life

1. Computer programming

Programmers solve algebraic equations every day as they create new software and applications. For example, programming languages like Java and C++ work in that same line. Furthermore, in computer games, characters are manipulated using symbols and strings. A programmer has to have proper knowledge of solving these equations in order to produce good end results. Furthermore, he/she holds some commands that allow the manipulation of the string. Programmers are the people that interact with the most algebras within a single day.

2. Morning Routine

Algebra is used in our morning routine every day. When you wake up, you at least have some goals to achieve by the end of the day. Another good example is the alarm. People set up the alarm for waking up in the morning but they don’t realize that they have just executed algebraic addition. Also one may calculate algebra knowing or unknowing of the amount of time you will spend in the shower or making breakfast. Also calculating the time that it may take you to walk to school or drive to work in some basic form of algebra.

3. Kids growing up

This may sound surprising but kids make use of algebra during their infant years. For example, a six months old baby can be able to trace the directions of moving objects. They can easily calculate trajectories of approaching the object and know whether they will land close to them or not. In addition, they can also estimate distances between them and other objects such as toys. All these examples are made possible by algebra despite the babies having no knowledge of these operations.

4. Business and finance management

Business owners and investors use algebraic operations to calculate profits. It forms a very important part in terms of intelligence and analytics. In addition, most systems run software or data centers that highly rely on algebraic operations. In addition, investors and business owners use it to evaluate and price stocks. Sometimes it helps the companies to get rid of products before they lose value in their warehouses. Additionally, Finance officers use algebraic symbols to calculate exchange rates and interest rates.

5. Sports

Algebra is used in sports in so many exciting ways as well. Keep in mind that players do not know that they are actually applying it. For instance, basketball players are able to score the 5 points because they can easily calculate the force required at any given distance. The calculating trajectory in the pitch comes in a natural way but there are some elements of algebra that are put into place. The same case applies to other sports such as football rugby and athletics which involve a lot of estimation and movements.

6. Logical thinking

Studying algebra improves the logical thinking of a human being. This can help in breaking down problems and coming up with their solutions. Even though theoretical problems of algebra are rarely experienced you might come across them at one point in life. Algebraic operations assist us in making the right decisions at any time hence improving our workspace and home.

7. Technology algebra.

Most technologies that we use today such as TVs, mobile phones and computers could not have existed without algebra. All these gadgets are available because computer wizards adept at algebra were responsible for making them a reality. Furthermore, search algorithms are made by solving sophisticated algebraic problems.

8. Professional advancement

Most areas of the study hold some algebra elements. No matter what field you want to strive in, you will come across. Even when a student is done with high school, he/she may come across it I whichever subject they pick. However, it is more common in chemical and physical sciences. Students and professors under these areas of study come across algebra daily. It can be when undertaking experiments or even when dealing with the theory.

9. Cooking

If you think algebra is not used in the kitchen then you are totally wrong. It finds its way in the kitchen when you are measuring ingredients, cooking, or baking. For beginners and intermediate chefs, they always have the recipe books as their guide. If the temperatures or measurements are indicated using another system, then they have to convert it to other scales. Other cooks have mastered the art of estimation of ingredients by solving some easy algebraic expressions of the head.

10. Home improvement

Algebra is important for home improvement because it deals with numbers. Upgrading or estimating the number of resources such as the cost and materials need requires some basic algebra knowledge. For example, a plumber may do some quick calculations to determine the number of pipes required for a specific room. An electrician will probably make a lot of calculations just to ensure that the house circuits are is installed perfectly

11. Health and fitness.

Some elements of algebra are extensively used in health and fitness. For example, people that need to lose weight are advised to calculate their body mass index. This allows them to monitor or watch out for food intake. Calculating BMI involves algebra indirectly. Calculating other sums such as fat percentage in the body or gym weight lifting couldn’t be possible without it.


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