15 uses of Aluminum

Aluminum dominates the highest part of minerals on Earth after silicon and oxygen, hence being the most readily available natural metal found on the Earth. It contains Various properties as a melting point of 660oC, a hardness of 245 [-] at 20oC, a density of 2.7g/cm3 at 20oC, and a heat capacity of 900j/(kg. K) at 20oC. It’s also nonmagnetic, a good conductor of electricity, easy mechanized, durable and lightweight. It is formed in igneous rocks.

Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum has several uses in the industries. It is combined with other metals at times for property boosting, such as aluminum bronze. It is also used in construction transportation, among other uses. However, adverse health effects on the peripheral and central nervous system and breast cancer arise from high aluminum exposure.

Aluminum related industrial and products use depend on it as a principal ingredient. Some of the uses of Aluminum are discussed below;

1. Aircraft components

Aluminum properties, high corrosion resistance, incredible strength to weight ratio, and excellent ductility make it useful in the aviation industry. It’s also considered in the use of fuselage in planes, which reduces the amount of fuel used. It is anti-corrosive hence alleviates the need for expensive and heavy anti-corrosive coating.

2. Electronic consumer

Aluminum has an excellent ability to heat conductivity hence resourceful for graphic processors and cooling CPU. It is stronger hence able to dissipate and absorb heat. Electronic appliances such as laptops, tablets, smartphones are made of Aluminum due to its efficiency and easy handling. It also combines practicality and beautiful appearance on electronic appliances.

3. Power Lines

Aluminum possesses a better weight ratio than copper and conductivity, useful for local power distribution lines and overhead power transmission. It attracts financial and economic percepts as it is less expensive. It is used on power lines for long distances due to its low-density character. It is ductile hence easily formed into wires. It protects wires from corrosive elements.

4. Trains

Aluminum improves efficiency and forms efficiently on trains. The high strength to weight ratio possessed in Aluminum enables high speed by trains. The corrosive resistance in Aluminum helps lower the maintenance cost. Aluminum alloys are also useful in the installation and transmission of the railway. It’s an essential tool in helping in the prevention of friction resistance.

5. Architecture

Aluminum is essential for skyscrapers and high rise building due to its versatility, malleability, and high strength to weight ratio. It needs less fixing due to its strength to weight ratio. It can also be used as a sheet in cladding panels and as extrusion in a panel framework. It is considered for construction because of its design flexibility, durability, and ability to save energy. It is useful in heat radiation. Buildings constructed from Aluminum face low maintenance costs due to the corrosion resistance.

6. Window frames

Aluminum produces cost-effective and durable office and home frames. They are useful in places that experience potent storms and high winds as they are lightweight. Window frames made from Aluminum are less expensive, have a low maintenance cost, rarely get scratches, marring, and cracks.

7. Households

It facilitates efficient refrigeration and cooling in refrigerators and freezers. Dryers, dishwashers, consumer washers contain the Aluminum frame. It is also used in conditioners and refrigerators for tubing precision.

8. Spacecraft component

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, ductility, and strength to weight ratio properties, which are essential for zero room malfunction, light, and healthy. It is essential for the production of ceramically transparent spacecraft windows.

9. Ships

Lightweight property for Aluminum provides less mass and more surface without interfering with the strength to withstand breaches, and cracks in the hull make it useful in ship construction. It allows more weight to be loaded as people, goods, or fuel. It is also used in building up underwater vessels, construction yacht, and speedboats.

10. Automotive industry

The industry makes electrical wiring, paint, lamps, transmission, pipes, engine parts, vehicle frame, vehicle body, wheels, air conditioner condenser, and magnets for Aluminum vehicles. It enables the car to weigh a lesser weight and to reduce fuel consumption. It enhances better acceleration handling, road holding, and breaking, resulting in fewer accidents. Automotive Aluminum is quickly recovered and recycled.

11. Cosmetics

Deodorants contain aluminum salts, which are essential for cosmetics due to their property as an antiperspirant. This is recommended for controlling sweat. It is also present in thickening agents and used as a substrate in which another color is precipitated in cosmetic colors.

12. Medicine

Astringent is used for medical purposes from aluminum compounds for various reasons, such including stopping blood bleeding. Vaccines are made more efficient by the use of aluminum compounds. Stomach ulcers and heartburn can be treated by aluminum hydroxide. It is also recommended a reduction in phosphate levels in kidney conditions.

13. Packaging

It can hold heat simultaneously, having less weight enabling it to be used in Packaging often. It is responsible for making aluminum foil as its intended thickness is attained by passing it through a rolling mill and cooled to prevent breakage. Aluminum foil is also used to keep food fresh and also cook them. It is also used in pharmaceutical Packaging to store perishable goods, as it provides a barrier to oils, fats, oxygen, light, water vapor, microorganisms, and ultraviolet rays. It is also used to make packaging cans.

14. Fabrication

Fabricated semi-finished products such as plate, coil, extrusion wire, sheets, and extrusion tubes are Aluminum products. They are prepared through a different process and later shaped into a finished product through fabrication by the practice of a wide range of processes.

15. Interior design

Due to its ductility property, Aluminum is used in picture frames, lamps, decorative wall panels, chairs, shutters, and tables. It is considered because of its freedom to shape creation decision, aesthetical pleasing, and easy processing. It makes the interior elements less bulky and seamless due to less weight. It’s also preferred in art, allowing the artists to build strong but very light structures about its great strength to weight ratio. It is readily decorated and results from ironing cast effects.

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