15 uses of titanium

Titanium is a silver metal that, it’s strong, resistant to corrosion, and it is inert. They do not occur in macroscale quantities but the miniature amount in given rocks. They found mostly on the earth’s crust. It’s very crucial in our daily lives as it constitutes different minerals. Do you know 90% of Titanium on earth crust carry ilmenite, a new mineral not for the moment been heard of, but it exists? Titanium is twice strong as aluminum, and it’s 60% heavier compared to aluminum. This metal has a lot of uses and also near hereafter, the up to date technology will be using this as its properties stand out against others.

The use of Titanium.

1. Aerospace.

Titanium is mostly used in making airplane wings, turbine discs, airframes, and blades. This metal can be used in space travel also is found in some parts of the aircraft. The reason Titanium is used in air travel is that the metal can survive in high temperature and pressure. It’s not heavy compared to other metal; it is preferred for its high tensile strength to its density ratio.

2. Chemical processing.

Titanium wire can be used in chemical processing and welding; people like Titanium because it can resist cracking and fatigue. For a long time, Titanium has been used in chemical industries, and now people have discovered a lot about it. Nowadays, it’s used in chlorate, dyes, organic synthesis, urea, synthetic fibers, chemical industries pesticide, and many others.

3. Marine.

Titanium metal can use the marine industry (making boats, submarines, ships, and much other watercraft) Titanium is the ideal material for all this as it has all the properties needed. To boost the efficiency of military vessels, use Titanium due to their desirable properties. It’s not only Titanium but alloys too; they work effectively with other metals.

4. Medication

Biocompatible metal is Titanium, where it is handled in big doses with little impact on our bodies. In our daily activities, we do ingest this metal in small quantities; that why doctors use Titanium. Titanium has the same density as our bone. Titanium can be used to replace joints in our body, mostly the knee joint or hip replacement; at the same time, Titanium can be used for teeth implant. It’s only used in surgical because of its strength, and its weight is low.

5. Vaping.

Did you know titanium wire can be used to produce clean vape? An e-cigarette is used mostly to make a vapor that we inhale, not everybody who uses them. There other vaping devices from an electronic cigarette, and titanium wire will work perfectly to give you clean vapor. It safe and keep temperature-controlled and effective.

6. Sports.

Titanium can be used to make sporting equipment like a bicycle frame, tennis racquets, and golf club titanium is used because of strength compared to the weight. We use titanium metal to make winter sports equipment too. The reason being Titanium does conduct heat at a reduced rate compare to steel. Its also used to reduce frictional warming in bobsled runners.

7. Automobile.

Nowadays, steel and other material are being replaced by Titanium because Titanium is light and has strength compared to the traditionally used material. If we use something light on our vehicles, that means our engine won’t need much strength to move it hence less carbon emission. This also goes to the speed and strength of the machine.

8. Daily life activities.

Used in our daily lives, for example, making a composite box because it can withstand heat. Eyeglasses frames because they ae light

9. Alloy.

Titanium alloy made of Titanium and other elements. The alloys are expensive due to their properties like tensile strength make it quite expensive, and that is because it is used inexpensive sports car and premium sports tools.

10. Jewelry.

Titanium has become quite popular over a long period due to what it can do without affecting human life. It’s biocompatible to us; hence we can use it with no problems like a ring, for example, won’t wear off due to temperature or friction. Even if it wears off, it won’t affect us. It not toxic either internally or externally.

11. Petroleum.

Petroleum production industries nowadays use titanium pipes because they are light and flexible to make production riser in the deep sea; on the other hand, Titanium is not toxic, so sea life will be safe when we use Titanium to move petroleum from sea beds.

12. Jet engines.

Titanium is used in modern jet engines; it’s an ideal material for a jet engine. It can stand high heat and high pressure. Don’t forget Titanium is light and has the strength needed to do anything in space or airplane. Example wide chord titanium blades, this increases its efficiency at the same time lowers the noise.

13. Computer industry.

When it comes to computers, Titanium is a promising element to replace aluminum (a recent element to make hard drives.) Titanium is non-magnetic, so it won’t affect data stored in them; secondly, it can withstand high s; therefore, it will be perfect in case an office burns down or any fire incident.

14. Body armor.

Titanium has been known for a long time for its strength or properties when it comes to combat systems and tools. Some of the properties are ballistic mass efficiency and its’s resistance to corrosion. Titanium is light; one can move around with it with no problem. With other elements, it works efficiently.

15. Geothermal power.

Geothermal power is coming up fast, and there is a lot of application titanium that can be used in geothermal power stations. Heat not much weight compared to other metal many more.

Titanium has a lot of applications in the new world; shortly, everything will be Titanium. For example, composites box is Titanium nowadays, new experiments high tech produced of late use titanium if it works, (for experiments).

The advantage being that Titanium is not toxic to fauna or flora, it’s light that means it can be moved easily, Titanium is resistant to heat and corrosion that means it’s a step ahead compared to other metal. Titanium is one our body as we ingest them now and then,

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