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10 uses of wheat

Wheat can be said to be a cereal grain that is grown in the temperate region and can be sued to make different foods. Consuming a good quantity of wheat has a lot of health benefits like good growth, good brain functioning, and others.

Wheat can be said to be one of the main raw products in our common meals today. With it present in most of our foods, we would take a look at a few of these uses below and why this grain is so important.

1. Used to make bread with flour

Wheat, when mixed with flour, can be used to make bread which is so sumptuous. Wheat flour has this soft and elastic dough that makes it the best in the baking of bread and it is used in most bread baking industries.

2. Used to make biscuits

Of course, almost all biscuits that we see consume today are all made of wheat flour. It would be rare to see a biscuit that is not made with wheat flour. When mixed with other ingredients, it gives the biscuit a sweet taste.

3. Used to make noodles

This is another unique use of wheat in our foods. When mixed with egg, salt, and water, it gives the noodles that dough and makes it puff out when it is cooked. This may sound new to some but it is very true.

4. Used to make muffins

Most times, people do confuse biscuits with muffins but they’re different. Muffins have that nice taste because of the presence of wheat in its ingredients. We do see those honey wheat muffins in the stores, they’re very tempting to eat.

5. Used to make snack foods

The snack food that we consume wouldn’t have been so tasty and puffy if not for wheat as a basic ingredient. Our donuts, meat pie, sausage, and others all contain wheat which is the most important ingredient.

6. Used to make cakes

This is also a special use of wheat in the world today. Wheat flour cakes are so nutritious and tasty, which makes it the best kind of cake to consume. Wheat gives the dough for the cakes which makes it so important.

7. Used to make yogurts

Wheat is an important ingredient in yogurt. Yogurt that contains wheat is so nutritious and has a lot of health benefits. Top yogurts in the world are made up of wheat.

8. Used to make pasta

Of course, it is common knowledge that pasta is made up of a special ground flour called semolina. All kinds of pasta in the world are made of semolina when it is mixed with water. It gives the pasta that dough and softness.

9. Used in making puddings

Puddings are special desserts that are tasty and nourishing to the body. There are wheat puddings out there that are so yummy and have good benefits to the body. It is the best of all puddings out there.

10. Used in making sauces and confectionery

Our sauces and confectionery can be made up of wheat which makes it more rich and good for the body. Wheat sauces are the best to consume as it gives you a unique taste and nourishing.

Wheat is a blessing to the world as it is one of the unique grains today. It is used to make a lot of things like the ones above which makes it special.

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