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15 uses of lemongrass

Lemongrass is an equatorial plant used in medication and cooking; the plant contains oil that is extracted from its stalk and leaves. The oil does have a strong scent that we find in our body care product (soap). Vietnamese came up with lemongrass; they used it as a food flour and a herb to treat their health problems. Lemongrass is known for its flavor and citrus scent in food, and it can be used whether it’s dry or fresh. Asian cuisines use this to add flavor and scent to their food. Lemongrass stalk most cultures do use it to make tea. So it’s possible to use it in liquid form too. It’s easy to ingest in either way. Let us talk about what we can do with lemongrass to improve our health.

1. Used in cooking.     
We use lemongrass in our meals so that we can have an attractive aroma. The oil contains a citral scent that’s quite strong. For a long period, people have been using lemongrass plants to brew traditional tea. The tea is quite healthy as most people used it when they have a cough or headache.

2. Relieve bloat.      Lemongrass does have diuretic effects, so when we drink, it can impel our kidneys to release a lot of urine. This diuretic effect is beneficial to us in case we have water retention that can lead to bloating. Also, lemongrass can help to relieve menstrual pain in women. So if you are suffering from PMS ( premenstrual Syndrome), you are advised to use lemongrass.

3. Increase red blood cells.

Statistics show taking lemongrass for 30 days; increases Hemoglobin concentration in our blood, which means it increases the effectiveness of Red blood cells by increasing their number.

4. Keeps mouth fresh and Healthy.

Research shows lemongrass tea reduces thrush effects and symptoms in those who have HIV/AIDS. T hats are beneficial to most HIV patients. Over a long period, people do take lemongrass and chew it to improve their dental health and also to clean their mouth. It is believed lemongrass inhibits bacteria infections.

5. House aroma.

If you want to have an attractive scent in your house, you can simmer lemongrass inside your house. Close doors and windows will fill your house with a relaxing, calming fragrance.

6. Insecticide.

You can use lemongrass to repel insects. People do use boil water. You can place it on the fire pit so that the fragrance can cover a large area. Some do burn fresh or dried lemongrass either in a bonfire or in other ways it can release ascent.

7. Furniture polish. People are getting more innovative and creative, where they can use lemongrass to polish their furniture. They mix warm linseed oil with dried lemongrass and then let simmer for about 10 min. Cool the mixture and then use it.

8. Stress and anxiety relive.

Stress does lead to blood pressure as one of its side effects. In 2015 it was confirmed lemongrass and almond massage oil had a greater effect as they lowered diastolic blood pressure than others. The pulse rate was not affected the same as Systolic blood pressure. People are using it to do massage and skincare to relieve stress and anxiety.

9. Skincare.

As we all know, vitamins A and C are fundamental to our skin’s beauty. Lemongrass does improve blood circulation; this means our skin will be cleared due to blood due to effective blood flow in our body. It treats skin acne, pimple, and others as it cures the oily texture.

10. Muscle pain relief.     
Lemongrass does contain citral which can reduce pain as it fights inflammation. 2017 research shows people suffering from arthritis within 30 days; their pain was reduced by 80% maximum. Lemongrass oil, when mixed with an oil carrier, can relieve muscles from pain; it reduces muscle aches.

11. Anti-fungal.

Lemongrass oil contains natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent properties. A lot of industries use lemongrass to come up with their products, especially soaps and beauty. Its know for this oil to be effective against bacteria and fungi. Some are advised to bathe with the oil so that they can gain the antiseptic functionality of the oil. In some parts, people do apply lemongrass on wounds that are to heal and prevent further infection. 2010 research shows that lemongrass was effective against bacteria that do resist artificial drugs. For example, bacteria that can cause pneumonia. The same goes for fungi eas research shows 2.5% effectiveness.

12. Maintains hair growth.

xamplThose who are suffering from hair loss thinning, you can use Lemongrass oil. The oil keeps hair healthy, and some industries are using it to make hair products, e.g., Ola prima.

13. Improves metabolism.

It can burn fat and improves metabolism. Lemongrass does have polyphenols ( mostly found naturally in plants), usually inside our body, it enhances the oxidation of fatty acid. Lemongrass is used to boost digestion and metabolism in our body as it increases the use of energy.

14. Reduce the high chances of getting cancer.

Citral property in lemongrass does have anti-cancer competence against some of the cancer cells .its some not all of them. It fights cancer by fighting cancer cells directly by improving your body’s immune system. Sometimes our oil is used as synergist therapy in radiation.

15. Prevents infection.

Over a long time, lemongrass is known to reduce and prevent fungal diseases and thrush. If you know your immune is not strong, just try to take in more lemongrass. Lemongrass boosts your immunity against bacteria and fungi; it was proved a long time ago.

Lemongrass has a lot of uses in the world. Every tribe and culture has a way to use lemongrass. But thank God we have the internet and people are sharing some can save cost by using them. If you are growing lemongrass, you can explore these facts and see what will benefit you the most in terms of making cash and your health too matters. There are other uses I didn’t talk about it like.

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