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17 Uses of Lavender

Lavender is an herb whose origin is associated with northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. It is also cultivated for its oil, which is sourced from the distillation of the flower spikes of its certain species since the flower has many species.

The oil contains several beauty uses, and it is believed to possess several medicinal uses. Lavender’s special oil contains various benefits though it is poisonous when swallowed, unlike when taken in plant form. To better understand the essence of the lavender plant, let look at its uses keenly.

1. Used for skin and beauty

Did, you know, the herb is highly valued and considered essential in fragrances and shampoo, made possible by its property of helping to purify the skin. When lavender oil is added to shampoo and fragrances, it makes the user’s skin pure by clearing impurities from the skin, such as lashes and other unwanted chemicals on the skin and hair.

2. Food flavor

One of the lavender species called French lavender is often added in herb blend due to its subtle floral flavor. It is used in recipes like meat, marinades, and baked bread in exchange for the rosemary as a flavor, hence enhancing the smell and taste of the bread-making them appetizing and appealing. Lavender flowers also present colorful garnish for salads and desserts.

3. Used on infections and acne.

There is no need for one to spend a lot of money on artificial drugs to heal skin infections with lavender. In contrast, lavender is well known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory aspects that make it easy for one to heal minor burns, skin infections, and bug bites when used.

4. Treatment of insomnia.

There is wide research that has requested that the use of lavender helps in relaxation of the mind and, as a result, reduces the chances of one suffering from restlessness. Hence, the use of certain lavender species helps patients with insomnia, which is a condition of the mind that tends to make one have memory loss. Lavender has been helping greatly to boost the memory of the mind.

5. Catalyst indigestion

If you happen to suffer from conditions like vomiting, nausea, intestinal gas, upset stomach, and abdominal swelling, lavender in tea form can help solve all these indigestion issues; hence lavender has a digestion facilitating component that eases these conditions.

6. Lavender as a pain reliever.

One should never ignore itchiness and pain, such as headaches and sprains resulting from falling accidentally. When applied, Lavender oil can cure all these pains due to its anesthetic property to cure different types of pain in the body.

7. for hair gain, growth, and shiny maintenance.

I bet we all agree that hair is part of beauty, and many of us, especially ladies and, of course, some men, would give anything or depart with any amount of money to have smart well-groomed hair. Cancer patients, especially those undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, tend to lose hair, which in return, lowers their self-esteem. The use of lavender oil can help such patients and any other group of people replace their hair and fasten their hair growth for those who love long shiny hair. Applying lavender oil on the hair backs makes hair grow quickly within four weeks.

8. Act as an antifungal.

Did you know that Lavender oil has proven to prevent fungal infections like athletes’ feet and dandruff since time memorial? This has been made possible because lavender oil destroys membranes for fungal cells, making it impossible for them to grow, hence acting as a suitable antifungal.

9. Quickening Wound healing process.

Suppose you’re tired of trying different subcutaneous wound applicants with delayed results or no results at all. In that case, the good news is that lavender has proven to help close wounds faster than any other medicines used on wounds.

10. Remedy against anxiety disorder.

If you happen to have an appointment with a doctor, for instance, an appointment for tooth removal by a dentist, you may tend to be anxious. Lavender scent can be used to reduce this anxiety and ensure comfort. Pills of lavender are also available in 80 milligrams capsules and can ease anxiety and tension among people at different stages and situations of life.

11. Alleviation of premenstrual emotional symptoms.

Most women of reproductive age tend to have imbalanced emotions before the menstruation cycle. Use of lavender Aromatherapy with the use of lavender scent can help keep the emotions balanced, leading to a reduction in mood swings, also called premenstrual emotion syndrome.

12. Act as sunblocks.

Why waste so much money on expensive sunblocks, yet lavender oil can protect your delicate skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun while having a walk under the sun or sunny beach. Lavender oil can also heal sunburns within short when applied to the affected areas.

13. Anti-allergy.

Different people are allergic to different things, such as insects, mites, and certain scents. For instance, people allergic to insect bites could end up with inflammation on the skin due to insect bites. The good news is that use of lavender oil has proven to relieve such allergies.

14. Odor neutralization.

Lavender’s good scent helps in body odor neutralization and hence can be used as a deodorant when the oil is applied under the armpits to get rid of any sweat odors. Lavender’s scent can also be used aromatically in a room to give it a good natural comforting scent.

15. insect repellent.

There is no need for one to struggle with the insect, while Lavender oil offers a solution. It helps keep away insects of different types; in places like hotels and butchery where flies tend to be too stubborn and disturbing, interfering with people’s leisure and comfort. Lavender oil can be applied on the surfaces and keep flies and insects completely away.

16. Smooth a diaper rash.

Babies can cry nonstop if they present with diaper rashes, which could result from allergic reactions to diapers of a certain company or overstaying with wet diapers over a certain duration. The use of lavender oil on the rashes relieves the pain and heals the lash, replacing the baby’s comfort.

17. Helps to heal chapped or cracked lips.

Did you know that Lavender oil acts wonders to heal cracked or chapped lips, which tend to be so uncomfortable, especially when eating or taking a drink? Applying the oil on the affected lips does wonders and heals the lips within a short period.

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