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Uses of convex lenses

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A convex lens is a lens that is thinner at the edges and at the same time thicker at the center. These lenses are actually made by the use of transparent plastic or glass. The same lens can be used for transmitting and focusing lights. In this brief, we are going to list some of the most common applications of convex lenses. In the modern technology, these types of lenses feature in almost all aspects of technological fields. They can be used in space exploration and microscopic environment. Here are some of the most common uses of convex lens.


1. Magnifying lenses. This is actually the most common and the most direct use of magnifying glasses. They are used broadly in simple magnifying glasses. The rays enter the convex lens of the magnifying glass which ends up being focused to a specific focal point at the center of it. When the magnifying glass is in the optimal distance, the focal point will reach the object and hence magnify the object.

2. Eyeglasses. Convex lens are also commonly used in eyeglasses. They are used to help people with sight problems including those with long or short-sightedness. In most of the cases, someone will deal with far sight or short sight which eventually causes difficulty in the person’s ability to focus and see things. In this case, a convex lens can be placed in front of the eye to bend the light rays and eventually shorten the focal point to let the light focus on the retina.

3. Cameras. Convex lens have been used in cameras for years now. They are used to help the camera focus on the image and at the same time magnify the image. As a matter of fact, almost all lens in a camera are convex. Though, there are some parts of the camera that have concave lens.

4. Microscopes. The functionality of microscopes is also facilitated by the convex lens. They generally use a convex lens to generate extremely magnified images of the specimen. This is actually what makes it easy to notice some small microorganism such as bacteria and amoeba using the microscope. Simple microscopes will consist of three magnifying lens with the lens at the end of it producing an inverted and a magnified image.

5. Projector. Convex lens are also used in the projector as well. They are actually used to produce a magnified, real and an inverted image of the object being projected. This is a day to day use of convex lens which makes it easy to enlarge images and at the same time help in schools and conferences. The image formed in this case is usually inverted which means that the transparency has to be in a way that is placed left to the right and in an upside-down position.

6. Uses in Telescope. A Plano-convex lens is used in telescopes. They are used to magnify the image and at the same time bring it closer. Different lens are used which eventually makes it easy and very simple for you to detect the image and at the same time get it in a larger state.

7. Multi-junction star cells. These lenses are greatly used for a multi-junction electric cell. The lens is added above the Fresnel lens to enhance the output power of the setup and also back up the requirement for the employment of solar trackers. Their functionality was later tested with the lens setup over 3-day photoperiod by measurement of the voltage, irradiance, current and temperatures in each hour.

8. Side-view mirror. Convex mirrors are used on the passenger side of the car. This mirror forms an erect and smaller image for the car behind. This is actually what makes it easy for the driver to notice and see the vehicle behind.

9. Anti-theft. These lenses are also used in big houses including supermarkets and convenient shop. They are used for the purpose of preventing theft and other cases.

10. Sunglasses. The mirrors are also used in making sunglasses. They can simply work to magnify lenses and at the same time make it very easy for the sunglasses to be applied.

The above are some of the main uses of convex mirrors. Their use is not limited to a certain industry and that’s why there are many instances of convex lens applicability. They are used inside buildings for many uses. They are also applied in checking vehicles for security purposes. I bet you have seen a security office using such a device to check underneath the car.

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