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Uses of MS Excel in daily life

Microsoft excel is a type of spreadsheet program which keep and analyze data that is in numerical form. The spreadsheet is a set of rows and columns which make a table. Letters of the alphabet are assigned in columns while numbers are in rows. Rows and columns meet at a point known as a cell, and the cell address is a letter representing a row. Besides, Microsoft Excel can feature graphics tools, calculations, pivot tables, and visual basic applications, which is a macro programming language. Besides, it contains a battery that gives answers to engineering, financial, and statistics needs. Moreover, excel can show data in the form of line graphs, charts, histograms with a restricted three-dimensional graphic demonstration.

The use of scenario manager and pivot tables give room for data sectioning to see the dependency on different factors for various views. Lastly, if you are worried about getting Microsoft excel, do not be because there are several methods you can get. Computer hardware shops sell Microsoft excel in the form of software. Alternatively, excel is also downloaded from the Microsoft website; however, you need to buy a key license.


1. Managing costs

It is used widely by people to perform work for it has many benefits. Microsoft excel assists in managing expenses. For instance, a teacher is getting a salary of around 60, 000 in a month, he needs to make expenses and as well use MS Excel to know the exact amount spend per month. These are done by putting monthly salary and expense in the tables of excel, thus know and control expenses in the right manner. Managing costs is one of the best uses of Microsoft excel in daily life.

2. Help future business people to develop strategies

Data can be represented using charts and graphs; therefore, Microsoft excel assists in spotting different trends. The various trend lines may be expanded beyond graphs hence make trends and patterns to be analyzed easier. Business sectors require the software to examine the popularity of items and patterns of sells followed to increase sales. It makes tasks to become simple and helps business people to grow and widen profits.

3. Confines data in one location

The amazing feature of MS Excel is that you can combine many data in one location. It gives the advantage of storing data from getting lost. Data is kept in one location. Thus you will not waste time to look for files. You need to sort out and categorize data so that you use little time to reach for a file whenever necessary.

4. Online access

Microsoft excel can be accessed online from any place, which means you can use any device in any place to access. It provides convenient working facilities, and this means you can use your mobile phone to work despite not having a personal computer. Lastly, it provides wide flexibility; therefore, it makes people use it comfortably without becoming worried about location and device.

5. Enlightens data presentation

The use of Microsoft excel helps to enlighten the presentation of data. It gives the advantage of making data bars to be effective, spot particular files by highlighting as well as make presentable data. For example, if you have kept data in Excel and need to highlight a specific part, you will use different features of presenting data that is in MS Excel. A person can also create spreadsheets to look more appealing to stored data.

6. Security

Providing security is the chief application of using MS Excel; therefore, people are capable of keeping files safe. The saved files in this software can have a personal password code to protect them from other people to access or destroy. The passwords can be set directly in the excel file or by basic visual programming. Furthermore, other people keep their vital data in Excel to ensure the data is well organized and consume less time. Problems are solved efficiently by the use of Microsoft excel.

7. Make mathematical formulas

Mathematical formulas found in MS Excel make work easier. Complex math problems can be solved in a simple method without putting more manual effort. The software has a variety of formulas that you can implement during problem-solving in finding average and total at once on big data. Therefore Excel is the best option for getting answers and using the basic function of mathematics found on tables having large data.

8. Recovering data and spreadsheets

Suppose data gets lost, Microsoft excel enables recovery with no inconvenience. In any case, your important data gets lost, or the file damages and the data is kept in Excel, you do not have to worry anymore because the modern Excel has a format to recover the lost or damaged data. In addition, it has features such as spreadsheets that make work to be simple alongside XML format, which adjusts the spreadsheet size to make files compact.

9. Make work easier

Microsoft Excel has many features that make the task easy and consume a short time. The available tool can filter, sort, and search for data to make work easy. You can as well combine the tools with pivot tables and tables to finish work fast. It makes many elements to be looked with less effort from large data and help find the solution of questions and problems.

10. Analyze and store data

The major use of Excel is to analyze and store large data to uncover trends. Graphs and charts help to prepare data summary and keep in a well-organized manner so that you can see data when in need. These become an easy way to store data and also save much time. The moment data is saved in a proper way, and it can be used for many purposes. On top of that, Microsoft Excel gives room for the implementation of different operations using the available tools.

11. Planning goals

Microsoft Excel can be used to plan financial goals, professional goals, and fitness goals. These enable you a view of something to focus on and maintain the correct track. These can be done by using excel tools to make several worksheets, plan documents, and logs to assist in monitoring progress and reach the finish line.

12. Questions

A teacher can use Excel for testing learner’s knowledge on a particular subject. You can make many questions, and answers on one worksheet then command the software to quiz others.

13. Animation and art

This is something that you cannot anticipate. Most people use the tool to make amazing art from animations to pixelated portraits.

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