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Uses of SEO

Search Engine optimization is a wide field. In a nutshell, this field enables your site and content to be easily accessible hence increasing the amount of traffic on your website. It can be described as practices either on-site or off-site that enhance your accessibility on the search engine.


1. Used as a key finder of leads

Site owners rely on their sites to generate leads for them. You can obtain leads from inbound strategies. These strategies stem from social media, referrals, SEO, etc.

2. Used to manage company advertising costs

Traditional advertising methods such as roadshows and activations can be rather expensive. This is due to the fact that the target market can be inaccurate leading to lower conversion rates. SEO enables organizations to focus on their target audiences enabling them to have high rates of conversions in the end.

3. Helps to build the brand

When you appear among top of the pile of the results of the search engine helps customers to have a positive view of your company. Therefore, appearing on the first page is an indicator of brand credibility and helps the business to have a better reputation in the market.

4. Used in establishing the awareness of the brand

SEO is used to ensure that your brand is out there in the market. The extent art which your brand shall be known depends on where you rank in the SERPs. Your page visibility determines the number of people who will click on the page to see your brand.

5. Creation of mobile-friendly websites

Statistics show that the number of people accessing websites using a phone is more than half those accessing it using computers. Therefore, Google requires owners of sites to create websites that have easier access and navigation features when launched on mobile phones.

6. Gaining market

The main reason why brands advertise is to enhance their market share. SEO helps in doing so by providing a platform where your target market can easily be accessed globally.

7. Keeping up with the competition

SEO is a tool available for use by everyone. If well-strategized then you stand a chance of faring better than your competitors in the market.

8. Maximizing the user experience

You can use the Search Engine Optimization tactics in simplifying your site so that clients can have an easy time going through it. Needless to say, this is a requirement from Google.

9. Used as a marketing strategy

Your ranking on the SARPs is maintained for up to six months. If you play nicely with vibrant strategies, SEO can become your long-term marketing plan.

10. Encourage sales

After visiting your website, a client may be inclined to visit your actual store to see what you have. Increasing visits also increase sales.

The bottom line

SEO has been in the marketing arena for some time now. However, it is dynamic. You need to keep close attention to predict the next line of action and evolve with it. The benefits of using SEO are far-reaching than you can imagine.

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