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12 Uses of Infrared

Infrared is a form of light usually of longer wavelength than those of visible lights. Infrared waves have considerable uses in our daily life, some of which are discussed below:


1. Heat therapy

Infrared waves can be used for medical purposes, such as heat therapy. There is a device called an infrared Lamp, which emits red light. Knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and other joint pains can be relieved through infrared waves

2. Communication

Infrared waves can be used as a medium between two electronic /computer devices to transfer information and data.TV remote control and mobile infrared are other most common examples of devices that use infrared.

3. Industrial Manufacturing

Infrared waves can be used in the manufacturing industry at large. For example, it is used for print dying, plastic coating, and curing of coatings. Infrared heaters are used for heating purposes, which consist of an infrared bulb, air blower, and heat exchanger.

4. Skin Cure

Dead skin cells and rough skin can be cured with infrared rays that can penetrate the skin up to a certain limit. These waves warm the skin, thus increasing blood circulation. This results in a good supply of oxygen and nutrients, which improves skin condition dramatically.

5. Thermal imaging

An infrared camera can be used to view distant living things. It can also be used to detect them at night. One example is that of infrared cameras used in a helicopter for rescue purposes. This thermographic camera detects heat, which is invisible to the human eye.

6. Astronomy

Infrared astronomy has helped a great deal in studying the universe. Astronomers use infrared telescopes at a higher altitude to help understand the universe more effectively. Space telescopes have brought a huge change in the field of astronomy.

7. Meteorology

Weather analysts and experts use infrared to determine the height and types of clouds based on the variation of the light of clouds. Meteorologists use infrared waves to study temperatures of land/water surfaces and can easily detect storm forming on oceans, and thus, raise alarms before it could hit the land and cities.

8. Climatology

Atmospheric infrared radiation is used by scientists to study the exchange of energy between the Earth and the atmosphere. Use of Infrared in Climatology has made possible, the research in global warming.

9. Cooking

The infrared oven can be used to cook and bake food items. Waves emitting high energy can cook food in a matter of time. This technology is time effective, and no big effort is made to bake the food.

10. Military

Heatseeker missile is the most dominant example of the use of Infrared in Military purposes. Pin-point accuracy of missiles is critical in this stage of technology dominance, and infrared serves best in the scenario.

11. Cooling

Infrared radiations passed through clear and dry air of certain wavelengths leave behind a strong cooling effect. In the direct sunlight, the material can remain cool as far as radioactive cooling is applied.

12. Spectroscopy

This is the study of the bond between molecules by analysts. This mechanism is also referred to as “Infrared vibrational spectroscopy,” in which infrared radiation involves interaction with matter. The infrared is widely used in spectrometric research.

Also known as thermal heat or visible light with lower frequency, infrared has a plethora of uses in various fields, as stated above.

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