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16 uses of whipping cream

It is a thick cream that contains enough butterfat hence making it fitting for whipping. People do confuse between whipping cream and heavy cream, but there is a difference between them you can notice. The difference is about the percentage of milk-fat content whipping cream is made up of 30 %, heavy whipping cream 36% every cream has at least 18% of milk-fat. The more the milk fat content, the more we get whipped state. Worldwide, people are using whipped cream to add taste to food, and others play with it.

Whipping cream can be used for!!

1. Cake.

Over a long period, people have been using whipping cream to make cakes, e.g., rose’s heavenly cake doesn’t have butter or oil but does have whipping cream that adds its melting properties in your mouth and also subtle flavor. You can have the full recipes here (Whipped Cream Cake | Martha Stewart)

2. Batter.

Whipped cream can be used to make butter (homemade butter not common) is not hard to come up with homemade butter. People nowadays all over the world use whipping cream to separate milk from fat as it’s thicker and milk only contains 3% fat. When mixed with whipping cream (contain fat that can meet the required amount to make butter.)

So whipping cream can be used to make butter. For more information, see it here. ( How to make butter using Whipping Cream (Homemade butter recipe) – Rice ‘n Flour)

3. Icing.

Whipping cream can be used for decorating cakes where you have to stabilize it so its frost could hold the shape you will make. By making you icing with the right proportion of icing, whipping cream gelatin will give you a light, fluffy mixture that can be used for decoration.

4. Hair.

You can use whipped cream for hair beauty. And health (because it contains a lot of proteins- it’s a dairy product). Do not eat non-dairy whipped cream as you won’t have the same properties as dairy whipped cream.

5. Skin.

Whipped cream contains minerals and vitamins that are good for our skin. That’s Vitamin E, A, and C. a lot of people are recommended to use whipped cream for their skin health. Whipped cream makes our skin smoother, nourished, and brightens it.

6. Making sauce.

Whipping milk is way heavy compared to milk; you can boil it with no curdling allowing it to come up with savory and sweet sauce. It can be used for meat, cakes, cookies, and filling deserts.

7. Strawberry cheesecake. (Ice cream)

Whipping cream can be used to make homemade ice cream. If you don’t have the summer treat, just try this. You will be mesmerized.

8. Chocolate pudding.

Whipping cream can be used to make homemade chocolate pudding/ ice cream. Kids love this, and it’s not complicated to come up with it.

9. Tomatoes soup.

Whipping cream can be used to make roasted tomato soup. It’s amazing once you try it.

10. Creamy soups.

The star ingredient for making any creamy soup is whipping cream. We have a lot of ways to make creamy soups, but the idea is the same in all soups. (chicken soup, broccoli soup, and many more.)

11. Milk alternative.

Where milk is needed, you can use whipping cream. Milk has less percentage of fat compared to whipping cream hence making it fitting for any milk job milk can do.

12. Vision.

We all know vitamin A is good for vision, and whipping to do have a relatively high amount of vitamin A. Research shows vitamins A enables your eye to adapt to light changes, and also it can give you clear vision at night. If you know you have problems with whipped cream, this will be your chance to use it.

13. Red blood cell production.

Whipping cream enables more red blood cell production hence increases the efficiency of the metabolism system in your body. Iron and some minerals are used in the production of red blood cells. Whipping cream contains a lot of minerals that are Is used in the production of red blood cells. Without red blood cells, you won’t be healthy at all as they are used to transport oxygen and other minerals. Use whipping cream to keep yourself healthy.

14. Super brains food.

Over a long period, doctors and health counselors always advise you to use folate, phosphorous, and vitamin B2. Foliate is known to be an excellent compound for brains, while phosphorous and vitamin B2 is known for better healthy growth and nerve system maintenance. Whipped cream has a relatively large amount of folate and also contains a fitting amount of phosphorous and vitamin B2 hence the name superfood for the brain.

15. Reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Some studies have shown a high intake of calcium in our diet reduces the high risk of getting kidney stones. Dairy product has shown promising results when it comes to dealing with kidney conditions. Remember, whipped cream contains sodium and cannot be good for your health if you have other kidney conditions. Use whipped cream if you have conditions like kidney stones.

16. Boosts immunity.

Whipped ice cream contains enough vitamin C that can protect your body from sickness. Also, it has vitamin A that can counteract infections by producing different compounds to the antigens. Thus, it means it cannot only protect you from infection but will shield you from future infections. This is awesome and quite helpful. If your immunity is not stable, you can use whipped cream.

Whipping cream does have a lot of uses because of its contents. It can be used for health purposes, beauty purposes, food, and also it can be used for food decoration. Some of the uses we haven’t mentioned can be

Butterscotch pudding pops, baked meatballs (in cream), creamy quinoa, and chicken vegetable soup. And many more. Kids love food and snacks made by whipping cream and also healthy for them. That’s because it has properties needed to boost our health and protect us from diseases.

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