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Uses of LCD projector

An LCD projector is a video gadget that uses liquid crystals that show motion pictures, images, or computer information on a screen. The projector is the best alternative to use since it has quality products and is cheap to acquire. Besides, LCD has advantages like to deliver quality lumen output at a cheaper cost in comparison with a DLP projector. It can also give amazing brightness with less energy consumption on the contrary to other projectors.

On top of that, an LCD produces a sharp picture, zoom magnification, and does not get affected by rainbow-like other projectors. Even though the LCD projector is associated with certain downsides such as bulkiness, low contrast, heat up fast. Reduce image strength and requires high maintenance. The benefits of the LCD projector are described below.


Amazing uses of LCD projector


1. Lectures

Most teachers find chalkboards hard, tiresome, and outdated. Inventions of projectors have made teaching easier instead of writing notes on aboard. The LCD projector is used in school by instructors as a lecture supplement. With a presentation of powerpoint alongside a computer. The present lecturer PowerPoint slides using a whiteboard and describes useful principles as she gives notes and displays arousing features of a topic. These enable instructors to give well-organized notes, and also students can take important notes with the skill to comprehend essential information.

With the use of electronic devices, students can request a repetition of a slide if they have missed information or ask the lecturer to email a presentation for further reference. Moreover, learners can set up powerpoint documents to serve as background information during class presentations and projects. Presentation of information on projectors lessens the need to make hard copies of materials, which can be shown once for the whole class.

2. Video

Instructors can use projectors to display videos in the classroom because of making learning to be fun and deepen perception. A learner is attentive when visual and sound senses are involved at the same time rather than being passive. For instance, a teacher can show a YouTube documentary, a film on a DVD, or personal videos taken during field trips. The LCD substitutes old fashioned film projector as its great advantage is computer connection whereby you access diverse video materials. However, a teacher should use the tool effectively to improve potential value.

3. Quizzes and attendance

Schools have developed interactive systems which use devices like computer, handheld clicker, and LCD projector. With these systems, each learner in school has a multi knob clicker. The teacher makes a general software model that uses clickers to get class attendance and score questions. Consequently, the questions do not affect the grades of students directly; instead, the instructor use results to weigh the effectiveness of her work. When students click their buttons, the LCD projector can display an aggregate class mean score if the teacher has executed software on a data processing machine.

4. Demonstrations

A teacher requires a projector to handle many students in a lecture hall. The use of LCD projectors gives learners a clear demonstration of a particular topic. The instructor can connect the projector to a webcam or desktop to give a demonstration to a big audience. In such an instance, a chemistry instructor can carry out a chemical reaction. Archaeology professors can demonstrate features of early man remains, or English instructors can show chapters of a novel. It also helps students to watch an online demonstration of tricky projects like exploring a volcano. These give the learner’s background information on what tools are needed then make a plan for the project.

5. Business/Corporate presentations

A projector is essential for business owners and those who work in the office. The LCD projector can be used by business people to make valuable information for employees to see or take notes in small and large meetings. Secondly, a business projector saves the money needed to spend on hard copies and handouts. Employees can view projectors what is discussed in meetings, thus less the cost to purchase materials. Furthermore, it is tiresome to listen when someone is speaking throughout a conference. However, the use of audiovisual aids stimulates the attendee’s interest and attention.

6. Exhibitions and trade shows

The digital audiovisual technique should not be ignored when preparing for exhibition and trade shows. Shows booths are improved systematically by video projectors like LCD. A business person should put in mind that potential customers and business partners need the motivation to stay. Great images projected on walls during trade shows make easy implementation to stand out among many exhibitors. A slide displayed on an LCD can create an attraction to people. Rather than an exhibition without the use of projectors in a creative manner. Lastly, visualized techniques are the best option accompanying presentation mediums. These means, use of slides enhance speech.

7. Corporate travel

A person who gives a presentation on trips or salesperson will often benefit from LCD projectors. Lightweight LCD is a requirement for entrepreneurs who must travel and deliver a presentation. Business people make a spectacular presentation made by Microsoft PowerPoint.

8. Prison entertainment

Prison has a large audience; therefore, LCD has several advantages such as portability, huge images, customized screen size, compact size, and eye comfort. Prisoners can enjoy movies and shows presented by projectors. Lastly, the main advantage of using LCD projectors for prison entertainment is that the screen can be adjusted to any desired size regardless of their size. Flat screens have permanent size hence cannot be configured into sizes.

9. Gaming

LCD projectors are the best ways of playing games in the living room instead of going for excess television of many inches. It is also difficult to get a flat-screen with inches exceeding 77. It is worth to invest in projectors for gaming because it has advantages over big screens. Additionally, projectors save on space since it can be put on a side table with less space on the contrary to televisions that need a cabinet to stand. These make your living room have enough space if when you are not gaming.

10. Military and organizations briefings

State organizations, bodies of government, and also military bodies use LCD projectors to make short conversations as well as giving people important information in meetings.

11. Church services

Today churches use projectors to jazz up their services. The message is got across people by use of multimedia. Other preachers go ahead and use powerpoint presentations throughout the service than printing bulletins. LCD has greatly saved the use of papers, labor, and time.

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