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10 uses of Arsenic

Arsenic is a chemical element with an atomic number of 33. This element combines readily with sulfur and other metals as a mineral. Arsenic is a metalloid or you can also say a semi-metal. It has a lot of uses that may seem new or unknown to you.

Arsenic could be dangerous and beneficial to humans and in other applications, it depends on what it’s being used for. Below, we would take a look at few uses of Arsenic in the modern world.


1. Rat poison/Insecticide

Arsenic is a very effective poison and insecticide killer for rats and insects respectively. When spread in a powdery form in small quantity at strategic places in the home, there would be no sight of rats or insects in your home any longer.

2. Used to produce special glass

Arsenic is used to produce special glass when mixed with other raw materials. Arsenic acid is a very important ingredient or part of the raw materials needed to produce these special glasses that last for a long time.

3. Preservation of wood

Arsenic can be used in the preservation of wood so it would still have its needed contents for proper use. In combination with chromium and copper to form Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), it will protect the wood from microbes and insects attack.

4. To treat cancer of the white blood cell

Arsenic can treat cancer of the white blood cell when in the form of arsenic trioxide. This form of arsenic treatment is for those who are suffering from promyelocytic leukemia.

5. To treat digestive disorders

Arsenic, when mixed with other stuff is a good remedy for digestive disorders. They are a lot of people who pass through this problem and when they seek the help of their doctor or pharmacist, they are advised to take a good liquid substance containing arsenic.

6. Used in the tanning process

Tanning is the process of treating hides of animals to produce leather. Application of other compounds and arsenic in the leather keeps it fresh and clean so it won’t have a side effect on the skin and eyes when lied on or used for different purposes.

7. Used as an Alloy

Arsenic is a metallic form that is normally used in the making of alloys in the industrial sector. In combination with lead and copper, it gives this unique smoothness to the alloy or leads ammunition.

8. Joint pain healer

Arsenic is present in some herbal foods most especially in the Asia region. These foods are highly recommended to be taken by those that have joint pains resulting from accidents and other health issues.

9. To cure Asthma

When in its trioxide form, arsenic is used to treat asthma. This has been highly used and recommended in China. These people would add this trioxide in some certain food and have tended to produce instant results to those that are suffering from this inflammatory disease called asthma.

10. Used to make transistors

Arsenic, when combined with germanium and silicon, it is used to make transistors. As we know, transistors are used for voltage, stabilization, and modulation. This semi-conductor is important in producing most things in the industrial sector. Arsenic is one of its main addition to producing elements.

Arsenic, as I said earlier has a lot of effects in our modern world, both positively and negatively. It is advised to make use of it for good purposes and strictly abstain from its bad effect.

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