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10 Uses of Information Technology

If it is any field that has contributed to the greatest advancements in the world today, it is the field of information technology, commonly known by the acronym IT. When most people hear of the phrase ‘information technology,’ they tend to picture several Tecno-geeks seated by the computer and fixing some computer software. However, IT involves more than that. Read along to find out how information technology applies even to you as an individual.


Uses of Information Technology

The following are 10 main uses of information technology;

1. Social Networking

This can be described as the most common and most important use of information technology. IT has helped to bring the society together, ensuring that strong relationships are formed and maintained. Social media sites, such as Facebook, are a good proof of this.

2. Management of Departments

When computers were invented, the business world underwent a tremendous transformation. Computer software is now being used to ensure the smooth running of different departments in organizations. These departments may include security, human resources, among other departments.

3. Ensuring Success in the Global Market

Software packages are used by businesses to get jobs done faster and easier. This way, businesses, and industries gain a better and quick outlook of the global markets. Information technology is also used to manage these software packages.

4. Online Businesses

The development of information technology has led to the growth of online businesses. More customers are demanding faster access to their purchased items. Due to this, online business platforms have been created to help in keeping up with the demand and supply. A good example of such a platform is Amazon, which uses information technology to make online transactions with customers.

5. Education System

Information technology has found applications in the modern-day education system. Online classes are now being offered in almost every school. Students can access these classes from anywhere, using laptops, smartphones, or even tablets. Information technology has indeed made learning easier.

6. Online Bank Transactions

Information technology is used to ensure that online Internet transactions are kept safe and secure. Security networks and programs are used to enhance the safety of these transactions. In the absence of information technology, secure online bank transactions would be almost impossible.

7. Facilitates Sending and Receiving of Money

Sending and receiving of money has now been made both easier and faster, by information technology. Online businesses of any field can now open websites with ease, without the need for registering. If the business owner intends to make transactions, they can use registered online platforms, such as eBay and Amazon.

8. Easier Access to Credit

Due to information technology, a person’s credit scores and ratings can be found securely online. Lending and insurance companies can, therefore, make quick credit checks on businesses or individuals, facilitating the easier opening of credits.

9. Helping in Decision-Making

Most businesses make use of information technology when making decisions, sometimes even unknowingly. For instance, IT is used in understanding important metrics, such as specific clients with overdue accounts.

10. Supporting Innovation

In the workplace environment, there will always be research being conducted. And, without the Internet, which is an information technology tool, research conducted would be meaningless. IT is, therefore, very important for research and innovation to happen.


Where would the world be if there was no Information Technology? We wouldn’t even want to fathom the answer to that. It is very clear that every business field, and even individuals, would simply crumble with the absence of Information Technology. After all, you don’t have to be in the field of IT, for it to touch your life.

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