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12 Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal with a silvery-white appearance. It has a wide range of properties both physical and chemical that enable it to be applied in many different fields. Aluminum has high conductivity for electricity and heat. Also, it can be folded or hammered into many shapes. Moreover, it has a high boiling and melting point.

Oxides of Aluminum are amphoteric. Combining these and many other properties give Aluminum a unique position in the family of metals. This article focuses on the uses of Aluminum in manufacturing, construction, packaging, and transportation industries; for these are the major areas where it is applied.

1. Building and construction

This is the largest field where aluminum is used. The following are some of its applications:

  • Used in aligning and creation of bridges, domes, and roofs.
  • Aluminum is malleable; therefore, it is folded to make doors, window frames, doorknobs, grills, etc.
  • Used in the manufacture of roofing sheets
  • Folded to make wires

In the construction industry, aluminum has indefinite uses.

2. Packaging

It is used in the manufacture of packaging effects for keeping and preservation of food, drugs, beverages, etc. The following equipment is manufactured using aluminum: utensils, kettles, thermos flasks, fridges, toasters, bottles, cans, etc.

3. Auto industry

Due to its lightweight, aluminum is used in the motor vehicle and aviation industries to make its bodies. Therefore, it is used for the following: electrical wiring in vehicles and airplanes, manufacturing of car and plane bodies, making rails, trains, ships, etc.

4. Electricity

All kinds of wiring make use of aluminum and copper. Furthermore, since it is light and easily able to fold, it is used to manufacture connection wires and overhead cables.

5. Domestic equipment

Aluminum is used in the large scale manufacture of domestic effects such as gas cylinders, bicycles, household fittings, and containers among others.

6. Thermodynamics

It is used to make mirrors and thermal reflectors. Due to its higher melting points, it can be used to reflect the direction of the flow of heat.

7. Sporting gear

Golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis racquets, watches, etc. are some of the sports equipment made from aluminum.

8. Entertainment

A majority of the electrical equipment used in the entertainment industry are made from aluminum. They include CDs and other appliances.

9. Transportation

This involves auto machines. However, that is not the only contribution of aluminum in the transport industry. Some road reinforcements and rails are made from aluminum. Also, airbuses move on rope lines made from aluminum.

10. Marine equipment

Boats, submarines, warships, cruises, etc. are made using aluminum.

11. Laboratory

Aluminum is an element in the periodic table. It is therefore studied by science students among other elements and compounds.

12. Cooking vessels

The element is also used to make cooking pots due to its unreactive property. Also, aluminum has a high melting point; therefore, ordinary heat cannot melt the element.

The bottom line

Aluminum is a unique element. It can make almost anything when correctly handled.

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