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Uses of Zinc

Zinc is a highly metallic element and is symbolized with “Zn.” It is a fragile metal which is conspicuous for its silverish appearance. Zinc, being a metal, can be tagged as a twin with another silverish metallic element – Magnesium. Zinc is embedded in the Earth by nature and is commonly found in three continents – North America, Asia, and Australia. Zinc mining is prevalent in the United States of America, and zinc processing industries are widely spread across the states.

Zinc’s presence in the Earth’s crust was first noticed sometime in the 11th and 14th centuries in the Asian continent.

An interesting fact related to the foundation of Zinc in nature is that the Zinc is a primary metallic mineral, and the most common zinc compound in our planet is called zinc sulfide. Other zinc-based minerals are integral parts of the primary zinc mineral.

On a high temperature, Zinc as a metal becomes fragile and hardened, but its melting rate is really low the same as the boiling. This implies that Zinc, in comparison with other metals, can be active on a chemical field with corrosion resistance as it’s the main characteristic. Zinc has several uses in the medical field, electronics, Automobile, construction, and other sectors. Now let’s take a look at the major uses of Zinc.


1. In Alloys

Zinc has a wide application in the production of Alloys. For example, Brass is an Alloy of Zinc. Being a by-product of the combination of Zinc and copper, Brass serves many purposes in the musical field and Arts. Beautiful carvings, Arts work, and musical instruments are manufactured using Brass. Copper integrates very well during chemical combination with Zinc. The majority of electrical appliances are structured using compounds of Zinc.

2. In the electrical industry

A plethora of electrical components is made with Zinc. Zinc allows free passage of current; hence, it is used in manufacturing Electrical cables, clips, and electronics components.

3. In the Automobile Industry

Automobile body parts are composed of Zinc. This is also applicable in the electronic car parts.

4. In the Human system:

The Weirdest fact that you probably don’t know is that Zinc plays a vital role in our body system, and it is contained in the food we eat daily. Yes, it sounds confusing, but Zinc (as a mineral of course) is an integral part of the food we eat every day, just like meat, nuts, some carbohydrates, etc.

5. In Galvanization

Zinc is the best chemical metal for galvanization. In this case, Zinc is used in the electrical industry for battery production because of Zinc’s ability to combine efficiently with lithium. You know about lithium batteries. Zinc forms an integral part of this battery because it is used as the anode in lithium batteries.

6. In the Paint Industry

In the paint industry, Zinc plays a very vital role in the pigmentation of the paints. Crystals of Zinc are used in making primary colours used in pain production. Zinc helps in quickening the drying time of paint, hence the reason it is used in the production of Automobile and metallic paints.

7. In growth and the immune system:

Healthwise, Zinc mineral contributes to the growth and builds the immune system of children. Zinc has proven to be efficient in the prevention of flu, common cold, and respiratory diseases. Also, there are Zinc based eye-drops for every eye infection and similar ailments.

8. In stress management

Medically, it is advised that zinc supplements be taken by people suffering from stress. With zinc minerals in the body, incessant anxiety, sleeplessness or insomnia will be curbed. Medical researchers have proven that depression patients who take zinc supplements usually have sound rest and sleep. Zinc also assists in the prevention of high blood pressure.

9. In Corrosion Control

During galvanization, Zinc is used as a chief preventer of rusting in metals and iron. Zinc is a key constituent in corrosion control paints. Roofs are made of Zinc, while some pipelines are coated with Zinc.

10. In reproductive tissues

Zinc plays a very vital role in restoring damaged reproductive tissues in Men. Zinc mineral is used in the treatment of the prostate. More so, men who have erectile dysfunction can give their manhood a boost by taking tablets that contain zinc minerals.

11. In weight loss treatment

Consumption of Zinc is essential in the treatment of weight loss. People who take zinc tablets will experience loss of appetite, and this will, in turn, lead to weight loss. Zinc mineral is usually included in weight loss recipes for adults. It would help if you went for zinc-based meals the next time you want to plan a weightloss routine.

12. In Skincare

A plethora of skincare industries includes Zinc as one of the ingredients for cream production. Zinc softens the skin and assists in skin recovery. Zinc-based creams can prevent sunburns while keeping the skin fresh and clean.

13. In teeth treatment

Sufferers from teeth problems can enhance their recovery by taking zinc supplements. Zinc assists in the treatment of tooth decay. Zinc is used by toothpaste manufacturing industries in the production o toothpaste. More so, Zinc mineral is very vital in oral hygiene; hence, the reason why it is used in the production of chewing gums.

14. In Beauty industries

Have you ever wondered about the constituents of the beauty powder and beauty creams? I’m sure that you did not know that they are made of Zinc. Zinc powders have awesome beautification power. Zinc also creates awesome beautification effects in Skin lightening creams.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Zinc is a great natural and chemical element that exists in two primary forms – as a metal and as a mineral. As a metal, zinc is used in different industries because of its versatility and reactive power. It is usually used in tandem with copper. Zinc has immense applications in the production of batteries, car parts, electronic components, cables, etc.

As a mineral, zinc oxide is used in health, beauty, and food industries as supplements. Zinc is an integral constituent of food, and it boosts the rate of weight loss. Next time you hear of Zinc, I am sure your mind will not consider it to be just a rough metal, which is only used for roofing and coating, but a mineral that is very important in the human system.

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