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Everyday Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum, whose other name is aluminum, is the third excellent quantity metal found on earth following oxygen and silicon. Symbol AL represents the chemical element, and 13 is the atomic number. Aluminum appears silvery-white, has a soft texture, ductile, malleable, odorless, conductive, reliable, durable, and nonmagnetic metal found in the group of boron. The chief primary rock of aluminum is known as bauxite. Moreover, the highly reactive metal is combined with more than two hundred and seventy different minerals.

It is well known for its less density and protective covering, which withstand corrosion without producing any reaction. Besides, the metal can be recycled 100% without losing the natural properties. Moreover, 5% of energy is used to reuse discarded materials that produce new aluminum. Other metals cannot be compared to aluminum when it approaches diverse uses. The most common methods of these incredibly popular metal are described below.


1. Transportation

The unbeatable strength makes aluminum to be used for transportation. Vehicles require less force to move and save fuel because aluminum has lightweight. However, it is not the most durable metal, and the strength increases when alloyed with other metals. Furthermore, its ability to resist corrosion is an added advantage since it eliminates the need to buy costly anti-corrosion materials. Aluminum increases efficiency on fuel and emits less CO2 in comparison with steel.

Aluminum is also used in high-speed trains in view of giving designers room to lessen weight and reduce friction on trains. It is also well known as a winged metal since it is perfect for aircraft because it is made of flexible, strong, and light material. Before the invention of airplanes, aluminum occupied frames in zeppelin airships. Recently, aluminum alloys are used in aircraft from cockpit items to the fuselage. Space crafts have more than 50 % aluminum alloys, for example, space shuttles.

2. Everyday uses of aluminum in construction

Buildings that have been made by aluminum are easy to maintain because they cannot destroy. The metal also pertains to efficient insulation; therefore, the house is cool during summer and warm in winter. Addition fact is that architects have the advantage of making desired designs since the metal can be carved into amazing shapes on contrary to materials like plastic, steel, or wood. The first building to use aluminum abundantly is called the empire state found in New York, constructed in 1931. On top of that, bridges and tall buildings use aluminum. The less weight makes work to be easy and convenient. On the other hand, a building made from steel needs large foundations due to heavyweight, thus would increase costs of construction. Modern notable buildings made from these alloy are Zahra Hasid in London and the bank of china.

3. Electrical

Even though it has 63% electric resistivity of copper, the low density of aluminum makes it the best choice over a great distance for power lines. Copper increase the weight of support structures, more costly, and numerous. Aluminum can also be pulled into thin wire than copper; therefore, it makes work easier. Also, the ability to resist rust enables the wires to get protection from elements. Besides use in power lines, it is also used extensively in power systems, appliances, and motors. Dishes for satellites, television antennae, and LED bulbs are made of aluminum.

4. Consumer goods

The appearance of aluminum makes it be used in consumer goods. Electronics, including laptops, flat screens, smartphones, tablets, are made out of the metal. The appearance makes electric gadgets to look glossy and more refined while staying long-lasting and light. It is a critical necessity that has properties of form and purpose for consumer goods. Recently, the metal is replacing plastic for its strength and steel for the lightweight. Furthermore, it keeps gadgets from overheating by letting heat to disperse quickly. Apple uses aluminum to cover parts of in mac books, iPhone, and also other brands such as Olufsen and audio manufacture.

5. Metal supermarkets

These are the world’s largest suppliers of metals, with more than 85 stores in Canada, the UK, and the United States of America. The metal experts have given customers good services since 1985. The supermarket supply a variety of metals, including aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, galvanized steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and copper.

6. Home appliances

Interior designers have freedom in using aluminum because it can fold into a variety of shapes. Add to the fact that furniture materials made from the metal are chairs, tables, lamps, frames, and panels. Kitchenette items like pans, thermos, bottles, toasters, refrigerators, kettles, trays, and pots are aluminum products. These materials are capable of conducting heat, washable, non-toxic, and rust-resistant.

7. Aluminum foil

The foil made from aluminum performs as an impediment from water and oxygen. The foil is used to pack food like sandwiches, dairy, and rice to preserve and avoid pathogens. Lastly, the foil, together with baking soda water helps to clean.

8. Window frames

A window is exposed to moisture and air outside; therefore, aluminum is the best material to make window frames. The metal is ideal for outdoor work due to lightweight, resist rust, as well as cheap.

9. Aluminum cans

Cans are the most common items used in the lives of human beings. They are used in keeping amazing soft drinks or soda. These cans are widely made from aluminum, for it supports the carbonation pressure of soft drinks easily.

10. License plates

Bicycles, vehicles, motorbikes, and other transportation are necessary for our lives today. People identify these means of movement by looking at the number plate. Aluminum is the metal that provides this service. The metal reduces the cost, for it can be shaped easily and recycled to other materials. ]

11. Automobile industries

Other metals are combined with aluminum to form an alloy that is used in wheels. For this reason, the metal is a light, strong, and good conductor of heat. Rims of wheels are made from aluminum. Furthermore, wheel spacer bars, engine blocks, hoods, suspension components are made from aluminum.

12. Other uses

The metal also makes gas cylinders mirrors, containers, heat reflectors, watches, marine equipment, golf clubs, baseball bats, racquets, compact disks, glass, paints, gemstones, ceramics, ornaments, brackets, logos, carburetors, air filters, impellers, alternator, fan clutch, and coins.

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