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10 Uses of glucose

Glucose is an important source of energy for all the cells in the body. Glucose comes from carbohydrates. When compared to other types of sugars that are found in carbohydrates, glucose raises the human blood sugar the fastest. Some of the common uses of glucose are;


1. Cooling a burnt tongue

Drinking hot tea or coffee faster can make you burn your tongue. Glucose has the same component as that of sugar, hence making it the best ingredient to use in soothing a burnt tongue.

2. Maintaining energy levels

Sugar is an important ingredient in maintaining energy levels in the body. Most of the cells in the body require a certain amount of glucose to function properly. Red blood cells require glucose to convert it into energy. However, the organ that requires glucose the most is the brain. The neurons, present in the brain need a constant supply of glucose to aid in processes such as thinking, remembering, and learning.

3. Maintaining overall health and wellness

An adequate amount of glucose is required in maintaining the overall health and wellness of the body. For instance, diabetes type 1 patients have bodies that do not produce enough insulin. They have to do more to maintain healthy glucose levels.

4. Glucose production

The body produces glucose from foods that contain carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, and rice. After eating a meal, the acids that are present in the body turn the starch into glucose. The intestines then absorb the sugar and pass it to the bloodstream, where insulin pumps it to help transfer glucose to the cells.

5. Respiration

During the process of cellular respiration, the chemical energy, present in glucose molecule, is converted into a form that plants can use for reproduction and growth. The final results that are gotten from cellular respiration are that the plants take in oxygen and glucose, and produce carbon dioxide gas, energy molecules, and water.

6. Making fruits

Glucose, together with another sugar called fructose are turned into sucrose, which helps in storing in fruits. Fruits are meant to taste nice so that animals can eat them and then leave out the seeds.

7. Making cell walls

Glucose molecules from carbohydrates, and when it is combined with nitrates from the soil, it forms amino acids. Furthermore, the amino acids join together to form proteins. Glucose molecules come together to form cellulose. Cellulose is best known for building strength in the cell walls.

8. Used in photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants use light energy in the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into sugars. The sugar that is produced during photosynthesis is called glucose. Respiration then occurs when glucose combines with oxygen in the production of cellular energy that can be used. The energy produced is then used in fueling growth in plants.

9. as a source of energy

Athletes and other people who engage in physical activities use glucose molecules that are stored in the liver as fuel. This fuel helps them during physical activities enabling them to run for longer.

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