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10 Uses of Milk

Milk is one of those staples that everyone has in the fridge. Some people even buy more than they need, and they have no idea some of the uses milk has as compared to just drinking it. Milk is kept in the house to add to cereals or drinks whenever necessary. Some of the cool uses of milk including the following.


1. Shaving cream

You can make your shaving cream using milk. You can do this by creating a paste from powdered milk and water, and use this paste for shaving. Rinse off with water to see a supple skin as the final result.

2. Creating facial masks

Homemade facial masks are made from milk. Facial masks are used to achieve a clearer, nourished, moisturized, healthy, and glowing skin. Add water to a cup of powdered milk, and mix to form a paste. Apply the paste on your skin as a mask and leave it on for about half an hour. Rinse off with warm water.

3. Relieves bug bites

Bites are very irritating to the skin and give a person a huge discomfort. Insect bites are itchy and can swell even more. Create a paste using salt, milk, and water. Put the paste on the bug bite and it will give you instant relief.

4. Softening callused areas

Your hands and feet might get callused after working in the garden for longer periods or walking barefoot on the beach. This is uncomfortable as your palms and heels feel coarse and rough, that you cannot shake someone’s hand. Applying cold milk in the affected areas three times a day helps in softening the callused areas.

5. Amazing skin

Most people have also attested to the fact that bathing in milk offers an amazing skin. Add powdered milk to your bathwater, and soak in the water for about fifteen minutes, for amazing results. This method worked for Cleopatra.

6. Removing ink stains

Milk is also used in removing ink stains from fabrics. Soak the stained area in milk and lemon mixture and watch the stain fade away. Then clean normally afterward to achieve a clean fabric.

7. Polishing furniture

Milk is another important ingredient that is used in polishing furniture. You can polish your furniture using a mixture of milk and lemon. You can choose to add your favorite oil to make your furniture smell good.

8. Cleaning plants

People tend to move their plants inside especially in the cooler seasons. When the plants are inside, their leaves can become dusty. Use a rag dipped in milk to clean the dusty leaf and rinse with water.

9. Thawing frozen foods

If you have frozen fish at home and you want to use it to prepare your next meal, you can pour milk into a push and put the frozen fish to thaw it out.

10. Removing paint from fingers

Your fingers can get stained with paint when you are painting. Use milk to remove paint from your fingers.

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