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7 Uses of Sugar

Most of the people, people think that taking sugar is not healthy at all for the body. This is somehow right because other people tend to overdo it, and they end up suffering from sugar-related diseases such as diabetes, and other heart diseases. Sugar is almost in everything we take, especially in processed food, hence making it easier for one to indulge in excess. There are some uses of sugar, which do not necessarily require us to consume it. Sugar can be a part of human life without putting it in danger in several ways.


1. Treating tongue burns

Everyone has experienced tongue burns at one point in their life. For instance, you were sipping hot coffee or tea, and then you suddenly burn your tongue. The feeling can be very uncomfortable and you will not enjoy eating for a few days. Sprinkle a few sugar granules in your burnt tongue and you should feel relieved.

2. Body Exfoliator

Sugar acts as a natural exfoliator. Mix a teaspoon of sugar with your favourite shower gel and mix well. The body scrub will be somehow coarse to touch, and this coarseness of the sugar helps in removing dead skin from the body.

3. Removing unwanted hair

Many people have used sugar in removing unwanted hair, especially in the armpit area. You can do this by mixing a cup of sugar, half a lemon, and a quarter cup of water. Cook all the three ingredients until it forms a darker colour. Let is in an open space to cool. You can use your waxing strips together with this solution to remove unwanted hair. Alternatively, you can use the mixture minus the waxing strips.

4. Healing minor cuts

Sugar is a natural substance that is used in healing minor cuts. If you happen to slightly cut your finger when chopping onions, you can sprinkle a small amount of sugar, and the bleeding will stop. In addition to that, sugar has an antiseptic property, which makes it a mild disinfectant, hence preventing infections.

5. Stain remover

Sugar is the best grass stain remover and cleans more than any bleach. Combine warm water with sugar to form a paste and then apply to the stain. Let the solution soak in the stain for a minimum of one hour before washing. Then wash the cloth normally.

6. Melting ice

Everyone knows that salt is the best ingredient to use in melting snow and ice, but sugar works just well too.

7. Trapping insects

You can easily get rid of the flies and wasps in your house by mixing sugar in water and boiling the mixture for a few minutes. Leave the mixture to cool and add to a jar. Then, create a cone out of a paper and put it on top of the jar. Flies will come towards the direction of the jar because they are attracted by the cone and the syrup. This is the natural way to kill flies.

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