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10 uses of paper

Paper can be said to be a sheet material used for writing on or printing on or as a non-waterproof container usually made by draining cellulose fibers from a suspension in water. In the world today, most activities or things done would have been impossible with the absence of paper.

Paper can be considered as a blessing to planet earth because its uses or application are just unlimited. Shortly, I would give you a few uses of paper so you can see how beneficial or important it is to us.


1. Used to make gift or marriage cards

We do see gifts or marriage cards all over the world as they are beautiful and specially designed. They won’t be there or used for their purposes if not for paper. With paper, you would be able to make a lot of them.

2. Used to make envelopes

The envelope that we see, that includes small, large, or medium and colors, they are all made from paper. We wouldn’t be able to make this envelope that is used for packaging or the keeping of important files and documents if not for paper.

3. Used to make a calendar

Calendars are sometimes used as a gift and it helps us in setting schedules and work. It is made of paper and that is awesome stuff to know as it shows us the effect or importance of paper.

4. Used to make newspaper

As we all know, newspapers are made up of 100% paper. These newspapers are there to share information and make us know about the current situation of things all over the globe. It wouldn’t exist if there was no paper.

5. Use for shelf lining

Most times our shelves get dirty and worn out as a result of improper care through cleaning. But when you use paper to line all parts of the shelf with glue, it would make the shelf neat and easy to maintain.

6. Used as barbeque cleaner

When you’re done making barbeques, the grills are usually hard to clean and it would take great difficulty in cleaning it. But it can become easy when you use a wet newspaper and place it in the grill a few minutes after making your barbeque, it would make it easy to clean.

7. Packing of fragile or breakable objects

Paper can be used in the packing of easily breakable or fragile objects so they would be protected from getting destroyed. This is mostly done when you’re packing your things or about to move to a new place of residence.

8. Used in gift wrapping

Paper can be used to wrap gifts as it helps it to be safe and it can be made to different shapes depending on what the gift is. This way, it would look more presentable and cool to the person you’re presenting it to.

9. Deodorant

Paper can act as a good deodorant to some of your stuff like shoes. Most times when you’ve used your shoe for a whole day and you just drop it on your shelf, it could smell bad, but with paper when inserted in it, it mill deodorize the shoe and make it smell normally.

10. Used to package Tomatoes

Of course, from anywhere around the world that you’re ordering tomatoes, it is usually packaged with paper as it comes with benefits like preserving and aid in the ripening of the tomatoes when it is green.

Paper, as I said earlier, has unlimited uses and has proven to be very important to humans.

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