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8 Uses of Plants

Plants are very important in our society. It is useful for both kids and adults. However, kids do not know where the things they use come from. There are many uses of plants, and most of the uses benefit the society and the environment. Plants grow everywhere, even in the most deserted areas. However, many people have not thought of the uses of these plants and what they are made of. Plants come in various shapes and sizes and have different uses to human beings. The main reason as to why plants grow is to keep the earth lively for human beings. Some of the uses of plants include the following.


1. as food

Plants are the main source of life for human beings. They provide us with various nutrients that are needed in the body and keep us alive. We use plants every day as our food. The food we eat, such as fruits and vegetables come from plants.

2. as a source of oxygen

Plants, specifically trees, act an s a source of oxygen. During the process of photosynthesis, plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we give to the environment and release oxygen to assist in breathing.

3. Manufacturing paper and stationary

The books that we use are made from plants. Trees are cut, and then processed in the factory, and the final product that we have is a paper or a book. Kids do not that the pen they use and the book they write on comes from plants.

4. Skin moisturizers

Most of the body lotions and oils that we use are made from plants. There are certain plants that have moisturizing and calming components.

5. Cloth making

The clothes that we wear are made of cotton. This is because the cotton plant provides the material that we use in making clothes. Thanks to the cotton plant, we have different outfits for different occasions.

6. Medicine

A large population in the world still uses traditional medicines in curing different diseases and conditions. The natural components in plants make them the best cure for extreme health conditions.

7. Cosmetic industry

There are various characteristics of plants that make them useful in the cosmetic industry. They are used in the manufacture of different products such as facial and body scrubs, creams, shampoos among others. An example of a plant with such properties is aloe Vera.

8. Shelter

Plants act as both shelters for human beings and for animals. Animals get shelter from making them homes using certain plants. Human beings, on the other hand, make their homes with wood, which is got from plants.

9. Beauty

Plants are used to make the environment beautify and attractive. Some people love plants, and they have a small garden at home where they plant their trees and flowers. This makes one’s garden beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In addition to that, there are people who are involved in landscape competition, where they display their designs and other flower decorations.

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