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25 uses of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology can be said to be a field of technological innovation that specializes in using its ability to improve on the use of things. Nanotechnology can be used to create different things and can be applied in various fields that include; medicine, electronics, biomaterials, industrial, art, and others.

It can be used or applied for almost anything in the world, in other words, it makes work or things to be done easily. Shortly we would take a look at a few use of nanotechnology and why it is so important.

1. Used in sunscreen

This is a good application of nanotechnology for humans. In our sunscreen that most women use very well, nanoparticles are applied to the sunscreen and it increases the ability of the sunscreen to function properly in the skin.

2. Used in clothes

Nanoparticles with silica can be added to the fabric and texture of clothes. With the addition of these nanoparticles, the clothes become stain-resistant and also water repellant.

3. Used as a disinfectant

Nanotechnology in the form of nano-silver can be used as a disinfectant chemical that kills germs and bacteria present in clothes and water. It is necessary to be applied to the washing machine.

4. Used in food packaging

With the aid of nanoparticles, food packages have been improved and become more reliable to store our foods. It also helps in food processing and in detecting and removing pathogens from the foods before they are packaged.

5. Used for stain-resistant textiles

This is another great use of nanotechnology as it helps to improve the functionality of most products. Household appliances like the fridge, microwave, air conditions can all be produced with the use of nanotechnology.

6. Used as a fuel catalyst

Since fuel is used as a catalyst, most industries and companies have taken up the idea of using nanotechnology to improve on the catalyst for fuel cells, thereby leading to good functioning when in use

7. Used to treat disease and prevent health issues

With the uses of nanotechnology and its particles, scientist and doctors would be able to treat a different kind of sickness and also prevent health issues with quick discovery of symptoms.

8. Used in the purification of water

Nanotechnology is so dope and effective and with the aid of nanomembranes, all purities like chemicals, microorganisms, and other dirt are easily removed. This is a good and effective technology.

9. Used in construction materials

Of course, this use is so beneficial both now and in the future. With the use of this technology, construction materials would become developed and strengthened, making them last longer and become more reliable.

10. Used in military

The Americans and other top countries have started adopting the use of nanotechnology in the military. With it, strong clothing materials would be made, injured soldiers would be treated on time, and also fighting weapons can be enhanced.

11. Used in electrical storage and capacity

There are a lot of electrical storage devices in the world today and they can be able to store enough electrical current or energy and still be able to deliver very well when needed. Their effectiveness becomes strong and enhanced.

12. Used to decrease the amount of pollution from the use of energy

Most energy-producing industries do cause pollution in both air and water. But with nanotechnology, the rate of this air and water pollution that is very harmful will be reduced drastically, thereby preventing issues.

13. Used in drug delivery to direct cells

Since nanotechnology is here to make life better for everyone. Its particles can be added to drugs that would do as needed by treating the right cell that is affected by maybe cancer.

14. Used in wound treatment

Of course, this is another interesting use of nanotechnology as with the aid of nanogenerators in the bandages, wounds would easily be treated. And with this, there would be less blood loss.

15. Used to treat medical equipment

As we all know, medical equipment is sterilized to make them free of bacteria and other germs. With nanotechnology, nanoparticles and infrared lights are applied in this equipment to wipe off these bacteria and germs with ease.

16. Used to make atomically clean oxide sheets

This is a good advancement in technology in which the thin oxide sheets used for touchscreens are mixed with nanoparticles thereby becoming more flexible and reliable to use.

17. Used to provide higher speed for integrated circuits

With the aid of nanophotonics, in the electrical field, a better signal is transmitted between integrated circuits and this transmission process has higher speed which is so beneficial.

18. Used for effective flat panel displays

Both flat and thin panel displays can become very effective with nanotechnology with the use of nanowires. This would increase the bright and clearer display of these panels.

19. Used in the manufacturing of solar cells

With the use of nanotechnology, solar cells can be manufactured with better flexibility and functionality. It has other benefits such as less cost in producing these solar cells.

20. Used in developing batteries

This is a very good use of nanotechnology because it makes the batteries’ life to last longer than normal and improves their effectiveness. With this, many companies have started imploring the use of this technology.

21. Used in space

Of course, this is a very good use and application of this technology. When it is applied, going to space would be more easy and practical and the space crafts would tend to function properly.

22. Used in the production of fuels

When this technology is implored, there would be an easy production of fuel. As issues relating to the shortage of fossil fuels will reduce and there would be the availability of these fuels.

23. Used for chemical sensors

Chemical sensors like carbon nanotubes and zinc oxide nanowires which are chemical sensors would be able to function properly. Their ability becomes very useful and effective as well.

24. Used for sporting goods

Of course, this is a very good use because this technology can help in making sporting goods like tennis and others very strong thereby avoiding easy breaks and cracks.

25. Used in enhancing better air quality

With the aid of nanotechnology, better air quality can be enhanced and there would be no air pollution from vehicles, burning bush, industries, and our home generators. This would lead to better health.

Nanotechnology is the present and the future and is being implored by those that know its benefits.

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