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22 uses of Quartz

Quartz is a hard crystal-like mineral that is composed of oxygen and silicon atoms. In addition to that, it is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust. The mineral is resistant to weathering, making it the last to dissolve. Many people consider quartz as a gemstone because of the many varieties of the mineral, which produce different colors. The hardness and durability of this mineral have made it important on the surface of the earth, making it easy to polish well, and it forms at all temperatures. There are two principles of quartz which include microcrystalline quartz and microcrystalline quartz. The microcrystalline quartz is also known as the cryptocrystalline quartz. The difference between these two lies in the size of the crystal formed. Macro crystalline quartz is visible with naked eyes whereas the microcrystalline require the use of a microscope in viewing. Below are some uses of quartz.

1. Manufacture of glass

There is high quartz content sand that is used in the glass manufacturing industry. In addition to that, it is used in the creation of lenses, used for eyewear, sensors, microscopes, prisms, and other scientific instruments.

2. Making jewelry

This crystalline mineral comes in different colors and is named accordingly. The precious gemstones are sold at higher prices for their durability and eye-catching color.

3. Building Construction

A common building material that has been used by the ancient Egyptians and in high rise office buildings is sandstone. Sandstone is used as a strong building block and can also be used in generating decorative tiles. Furthermore, it is used in the manufacture of roofing tiles, floors, and stairs.

4. Watch industry

You might be familiar with the quartz watch revolution which began by Seiko.

5. Abrasive

The topmost characteristics of quartz are its high hardness, which makes it harder than other natural substances. Quartz sand and other finely ground silica are used in making scouring stain removers and sawing.

6. Stable resonators

The ability of quartz to work as a stable resonator makes it valuable in various electronic applications for it to be used as a quartz crystal oscillator.

7. Used as an insulator

The high thermal resistance and the non-flammable nature of quartz make it the best mineral to be used as an insulator. The fibers are made-up and formed in the shape of wool, which can be used in the creation of different insulation products.

8. Road construction

Crushed quartzite is used in the construction of roads, and making of the railway ballast.

9. Decorations

Due to the beautiful nature of the rock, it has been used in making kitchen countertops and decorating the walls, and this has made homes to look even more beautiful. In addition to that, the wall polishes well and is durable, making it hard for it to crack.

10. Stone Tools

Although making a tool out of this rock was difficult because of its hard nature, Paleolithic human beings made stone tools from this rock.

11. Silica Sand

This is also a form of quartz, which has been broken down into smaller granules through the work of water and wind over time. Oil and natural gas recovery companies have also used commercial silica sand as proppants.

12. Used in making ferrosilicon

This is an alloy of silicon and iron, which contains an average silicon content of between 15 to 90 percent in weight. Ferrosilicon is used in the reduction of metals from their oxide nature. Besides, it is used in the deoxidization of steel. This is important as it prevents the loss of carbon from molten steel.

13. Used as Foundry Sand

Quartz has a high resistance to heat and chemicals, making it the best mineral to use as foundry sand. It has a higher melting temperature, as compared to the other metals, making it fit to be used for common foundry work. Moreover, quartz sand is used in the smelting of other metals.

14. Used in Petroleum Industries

The quartz sand cannot be crushed easily because of its high resistance to being crushed. In the petroleum industry, a process known as hydraulic fracturing takes place. This is where sand slurries are passed down gas and oil wells under extremely high pressures.

15. Making time-keeping instruments

The ability of the quartz crystals to vibrate at a precise frequency is an amazing property of the mineral, which enables the precise frequencies to be used in making extremely accurate timekeeping instruments. Consequently, this precise frequency helps in making equipment that is responsible for transmitting television and radio signals at a stable frequency.

16. Gemstone

This amazing mineral also makes the best gemstone, especially because of its hard and durable nature. It also polishes perfectly as compared to other minerals. Some of the popular varieties that are used as gemstone include rose quartz, aventurine, amethyst, and smoky quartz.

17. Grinding Stones

Materials such as quartzite and other microcrystalline quartz rocks have an industrial term which is referred to as Silica stone. These stones are used in the production of hones, grinding stones, stoneflies, and oilstones.

18. Tripoli

This is an extremely fine grain crystalline silica. Commercial Tripoli is a pure silica material used in the making of toothpaste, buffing compounds, and jewelry-polishing compounds. In addition to that, it can be used as a polish when making rock tumblers.

19. Healing stone

In the healing kingdom, quartz is the most powerful stone used for healing, which can work on any condition. The stone of power, which is the clear quartz, is used in amplifying any energy.

20 Enhances spiritual growth

Quartz increases spiritual growth, wisdom, and awareness. Furthermore, it also helps with improving one’s concentration and storing what one has learned.

21. Stone of harmony

Quartz is also used as a stone of harmony and in maintaining romantic relationships.

22. Making smooth stones

Many smooth stones that have been used in sharpening edged tools such as knives have been made from quartz. Hones, used in the sharpening of razors have also been made using quartz.

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