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5 Uses of magnesium

It is a chemical element with atomic number 12 and symbol Mg. Magnesium is a gray shiny solid with close resemblance to five more elements in the alkaline earth metals or group 2. Group 2 members of the periodic table have similar electron configurations outside the electron shell, as well as the same crystal structure. The element is the ninth most sufficient on earth. Also, the fourth common element on earth crust after oxygen, iron, and silicon. For this reason, it makes a total mass of 13% on the planet as well as a big fraction of mantle on earth.

Moreover, magnesium is the third abundant element to dissolve into seawater prior to sodium and chlorine. Produced in large amounts and mature stars by adding helium nuclei into a carbon nucleus. Stars can explode in the form of supernovas, and most magnesium is emitted in the interstellar medium. This medium can recycle into other star systems. Above and over, the magnesium element has the lowest boiling point of 1363k and the lowest melting point of 923k of all group 2 elements. Below are the essential uses of magnesium.


1. Pharmacology

It is used in numerous body conditions. It is a Cofactor element for almost 300 metabolic reactions and an intracellular divalent cation. These reactions are protein synthesis, cell growth, energy production, and reproduction. Research has proven that people who experience common migraine-like menstrual migraine and cluster headaches have limited magnesium levels. Patients frequently use over counter drugs, including magnesium hydroxide, to treat constipation. Combined with vegetables, potassium, and fruits as a dietary component so as to improve or maintain bone mineral density. Beneficial to a person suffering from profound acute asthma through improving forced expiratory volume and flow rate. In addition, it treats preeclampsia, eclampsia, and arrhythmia.

2. Anxiety

Levels of magnesium play a vital role in mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Studies show that low levels of magnesium are linked to higher anxiety levels. This is because of activities inside the hypothalamic-pituitary gland that controls human’s stress reaction. Nevertheless, the study is still controversial until they get quality findings of how magnesium supplements work.

3. Cameras

Magnesium alloy is important in cameras. Prosumer DSLRs, including Nikon D3200 and Canon EOS, are made from an alloy of magnesium. It is not only a durable metal but also lightweight. This alloy has a number of awesome properties making great results for professional photography. Firstly, it resists rust, thus suitable for shooting in water or rain. Secondly, the metal provides amazing temperature endurance even if it’s made on outside or inside. Photographers do not wish to take visit volcanoes as their cameras begin to melt. The perfect camera should be able to handle hot temperatures.

4. Laptops

Magnesium is an alternative metal for aluminum used in personal computers. Light metal than aluminum by approximate weight of 30%. Manufacturers are able to design thin laptops with great durability. Furthermore, the metal has low thermal conductivity; hence designers make internal components with no hot case. It is a Simple metal to use, unlike aluminum, giving laptop makers an opportunity to make new designs.

5. Car seats

The automotive industry strives to reduce the weight of vehicles. Automotive parts obtain weight reduction due to the lightweight of magnesium alloy. Put on a car seat frame for weight loss and strengthen the seat system. It’s an economical metal that is superior to other metal.

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